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Alright, so after subsequent trials and errors, I'm currently on the verge of pulling my hair out. (side note: I'm as bald as this little fellow --> <_<)

The fact of the matter is that during the course of the past two months, I tried turning my computer into an Hackintosh using every methods possible. All of which proven to be working with my own PC. I have an Envy 14-2000 CTO with the following specs:


Intel Core i7-2630QM


SSD 128GB (Solid State Drive Flash Module)


AMD Radeon HD 6630M

Intel HD Graphics 3000


Anyway, I'm aware that some of you out there were successful installing different versions of OS Xs on a PC similar to mine, if not the exact same one. So if anyone would be kind enough to assist me with a step-by-step type of procedure it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. :angel:


P.S.Im willing to try anything!!!!

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