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Intel HD 3000 QE/CI Working

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I have some problem and issues in Photoshop. although OpenGl is Enabled, Some corruptions and pixelates are seen in photos, even with PictureViewer of Mac os.This is very important for me because I need Adobe creative suite. The suprising thing is that i haven't any problem in watching full HD or Blueray movies with VLC!

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There is some imminent problem with HD 3000 cards. :(

Artifacts may appear sometimes in-app, in the Finder or in Mission Control. There is another solution though, you can use a bootloader called Chimera. It supports this card, but i am unfamiliar with it and whether you need to remove these kexts.

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1. Use macbookpro8,1 smbios

2. Delete all NVIDIA, ATI, INTEL GMA HD950/3100, Framebuffer Intel kexts, ATY_Init, NVEnabler etc and install these two kexts

Where can we find these kexts? and is there a special way to install kexts in Lion 10.7 or you just copy paste them in a special folder?

thanx for any help and sorry for limited knowledge about Mac Os X but we are learning!

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