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KP's G5 Hackintosh Build *UPDATED* 3/4

Kevin Pham

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Below is my attempt to build my hackintosh in a G5 case. Here are pictures from the build.




Here is the crucial part of the build, making room for the motherboard tray by getting rid of this divider.

If you need a guide on how to take it out, nikkokick has outlined how in his G5 build.






I had to use a special blade designed specifically to cut into this metal. I happened to have a miter saw, so I was able to make a really clean cut.





Notice that I saved three of the attachment points that attach to the slider and two attachment points that attach to the G5. Those are going to be crucial later on since I plan to put my optical on top and also hang my hard drive bay from there.




I began to tackle the back by outlining where I needed to cut. I wanted the rear panel to sit on some mesh, not fall through, so I used the edge of the two 80mm fans as a guide. (Though I ended up cutting further out since I wanted the fans to sit flush).






I ended up using a full sized angle grinder / rotary tool rather than a Dremel, since I didn't want it to take hours.




The next thing I realized was that the motherboard tray rear panel covered the unlocking mechanism, so I needed to find a way to cut it. What I did was rather cheap solution, but it worked. I put the rear panel on as I would've wanted it, and from the inside, I marked with an ultra-fine tip sharpie. I chose the mesh "line" closest to the unlock mechanism and dotted my cutting line.




It wasn't the best cut I've ever done, but it was enough to make sure that the unlocking mechanism would be accesible. For this, since the tray was so thin, I did use the Dremel with the metal cutting discs on them.




The night started to come, so the pictures started getting darker..




Here is the divider put back into the case.




The unlocking mechanism normally gives you a gratifying "click" when you lock it. Upon removal of the steel divider, it no longer did that, so I wanted to figure out a way. If you look at that long piece of plastic, there are "spots" or "areas."

I chose the area between the first hex bolt (closest to the hinge) and the first (of the three) locking pins. I took a piece of paper, folded it a few times over to give it a bit of thickness, and stuffed it between the plastic slide and the metal. It now clicks like a charm!





I started to JBweld (I used the Qwik variety) the G5 standoffs to my mobo tray. I really wanted to finish the case in one day, so I didn't go out to look for screws. If it was the optimum situation, I would screw through the mobo tray into the standoff, but time didn't permit. I ended up putting seven of the standoffs throughout and spread them evenly.




I gave them about 30-40 minutes to harden enough to do the next step.


I made more JBWeld, coated the other side of the standoff, and carefully flipped the entire mobo tray and slid it into the G5. I kept the rear panel attached so that it wouldn't shift the mobo tray.



:: UPDATED 3/04





I've actually been working on two case, one for my friend and one for myself. He wanted to keep the G5 HD caddy, I went a different route since I wanted to expand to 4+ hard drives. For the original caddies, I noticed that if I just mounted the caddy straight onto the optical tray, there may not be enough space to manipulate a hard drive into the caddy. I fixed that by putting a 1" coupler to act as a spacer between two screws.





I only used three points for attachment. (I screwed up my drills a few time, if you can't tell.)




I bought this HD Rack: http://www.newegg.co...N82E16816111045


I took the fan off from the back and stripped the power switch and adapter. I then added my own fan to the left (also my intake fan) with a 1" spacer so that I can still access the locking mechanism for each of the bays. I took their fan and put in the right, to use as a suction fan.




I also cut a hole into the bottom of the HD bay so that my power supply will be able to take in some air, as well.

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