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{GUIDE} 10.7.2 Running (Almost Perfectly) on a HP tc4400


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Okay so i have Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 Running on a Hewlett-Packard tc4400 Tablet PC


Here are the Specs of my tc4400


Intel Duo T5600 @ 1.83 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Detailed Specs


2GB Corsair 667 MHz PC2-5300


250GB 7200 RPM Western Digital SATA Hard Drive


Intel GMA 945M with 224MB RAM


Broadcom 4311 WiFi Card


Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit PCI Express Ethernet


HP Integrated Module with Bluetooth 2.0 Wireless Technology 2.0


ADI SoundMAX HD Audio


Authentec Finger Print Reader


Wacom Active Digitizer




Heres what you need:


1. iAtkos L2 DVD or USB Installer ( you know where to get it ) if you download it and your using windows you will need to convert the .dmg file to a iso to burn it ( Hint use UltraISO ). Burn it with Dvd Decrypter at the slowest speed possible.


2. A External USB Keyboard and mouse




1. Plug in your external DVD Drive or USB Drive.

2. Turn on the tc4400

3. When you first see the BIOS Screen with the HP logo press f9

4. A Blue window will pop up asking you to select the boot device select your USB DVD Drive Or USB Hard Drive (Flash Drive)

5. You Will then get the boot screen for the installer. press f8 and the type -v and press enter this will boot the installer in text mode so you can see any errors if they happen to occur.

6. Once you get to the Language welcome screen you may have to plug in a external keyboard and mouse.

7. Once you to the iAtkos welcome screen go to disk utility and select your Hard Drive and Format it as Mac OS X Extended Journal.

8. Once you have formatted your hard drive press continue until you get to the menu that asks for the hard drive you want to instal lion onto. Select your hard drive and then in the lower left hand corner select customize.

9. Look at the attached picture and select everything that is checked in blue and has a red arrow beside it. NOTE!! Do not select the RTC only select the RTC 32-bit !!! We will take care of the Audio Later.

10. After your done selecting everything press install and go get a cup of coffee.

11. After the install is done and your computer is rebooting you can remove your dvd or usb drive you no longer need it.

12. Now don't touch anything just let your tc4400 boot and do its thing.

13. When you get to the setup screen you shouldn't have to use your external keyboard and mouse.

14 Set up your New "Mac"

15. When you get to the desktop. make sure you download the AppleAzaliaFixAD1981 file after you have done that go ahead and install it and reboot. everything should be working properly.



I Need help getting the wacom stylus to work!

Dual Core Works :)

Graphics work great.

Fan is not working properly on battery the bottom of the case gets hot and the fan turns on and off full blast ( i need help with this)


If you need help let me know.

let me know if something doesn't work properly





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i know it has been sometime but just now i got my hands on a nc4400 and i tried to boot iatkos l2 which boots in a blank screen and then nothing why is that ? how do i go on ?


Note: nc4400 is identical to tc4400 except it isn't a tablet.

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