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Tiger to Leopard Questions and Upgrades

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I have decided to try and install OSx86 on my old lappy since Linux has became slower for my laptop. I have gotten Mac OS X Tiger beautifully running and updated it to 10.4.11 without any hitches. Now, I found out that many applications do not work on Tiger and needed Leopard to work. I checked the minimum specs for Leopard and I slightly above the minimum requirements for Leopard. So currently, I have two questions.


1. Will Leopard work on my laptop? And if it does, will there be a performance hit or no performance changes? Tiger runs fine on my laptop and pretty fast.


2. Can I upgrade my current Tiger to Leopard in some way? And will kexts from Tiger work on Leopard?


Laptop specs:


Compaq Presaio 2200

1.4GHz Intel Celeron Processor



Intel 825/855GM Graphics Chipset (QE not supported on Tiger)

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one of the first ting you need to do is upgrade you memory. I guess your laptop is like mine, a business one. And no, sorry, you can't upgrade tiger to leopard. The thing that worked for me was iatkos v7, a saver! just download it from the pirate bay, put it on a blank dvd and boot from it and serach in our big friend google for the essential .pkg installations for you laptop.

hope it works!

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      I do have some questions though...
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      NVIDIA Geforce 210 1GB
      BCM94360CD with custom PCI adapter WiFi and Bluetooth working awesome
      Artic CPU Cooler with Heatsink
      2 yellow 20" fans
      Custom made power button
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      What CPU and GPU would you reccommend without breaking my wallet?
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