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Could this be motherboard problem? Wake up by mouse issue


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Hi, all

Just when I thought I have a perfect system.....they pull me right back in! :wallbash:


Currenly I have 10.6.8 Retail working fine on my AMD machine.

I got Logitech DiNovo wireless keyboard connected by USB adapter (logitech bundle) and Logitech USB mouse because I don't use touch mouse pad on DiNovo.


Problem is wake up after sleep:

when I put my computer to sleep and wake up by keyboard by entering a key, it wakes up fine and works flawlessly.

However when I wake up my computer by clicking a mouse (wired), it wakes up the computer, but it freezes or screen doesn't come back. The usual symtom is the screen not coming back, but on last try, screen came back then it froze which I had to reboot.


I am starting to wonder if this could be hardware issue.....


Any opinion?


Thanks in advance.

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