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DVD Player problems in Lion (yes, this is a real Mac)

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I just upgraded my late 2006 MacBook to Lion today, but I found a very odd problem.


When I insert a video DVD and DVD Player launches, it will play the video but everything is scrambled in the video. VLC works fine, but I really like DVD Player...what can I do about this?


If I need to explain myself further, do not hesitate to tell me. :)

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Possibly...but the DVD region is a property in the DVD drive, correct? These DVDs all worked in Snow Leopard...and I can't figure out how to manually change the region.

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The DVD has a region, the DVD player has a region, these have to match.

e.g. I have a region 1 & 2 DVD player but that won't play region 3 DVD's.


If it worked in Snow it should work in Lion, are you sure you've not just lost the codec (perian springs to mind). VLC will play anything, no need for extra codecs, it's just magic like that.

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Funny thing is I tried using the Snow Leopard DVD player, and the same thing happened...so it has to be a framework or codec or some kind...


EDIT: By the way, these are my school DVDs, so I have a bunch of these...I inserted a disc I had never used previously and it worked...is there a preference file I can remove for the other DVDs? I'm thinking that might be the issue...

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To me it sounds like some obscure codec has been used when the DVDs were encoded.

Have you tried handbraking the DVDs to another format?

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I have not. What's funny is one school DVD works, but two of the others don't...they're from the same people, and they make the DVDs the same way...very confused. I can try handbraking them, too...

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Just a question: where does DVD Player store its repository of where you are in a DVD? In /Library or ~/Library?

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