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question about why my hackintosh dosent show the right memory and its booting in 32 bit not 64 bit

Kevin Gore

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good evening all just got done installing iatosk's s3 v2 on my new system it works good only things i see wrong so far is that its not showing my memory right it says that is ddr2 when in fact it is ddr3 and it doesn't boot in 64 bit mode just 32 bit and its not identifying my graphics card correctly i have a radeon hd 5670 sapphire 512 mb ddr5 video card installed and its got it listed as a 4870 and its not picking up my internal ether net cart but it does read the cpu and the right amount of memory below is my setup:


Mainboard: P5G41T-m lx

Chipset :INtel G41

Southbridge 82801gb (IH7/R)

Graphics Card :Radeon 5670 sapphire

Cpu: INTEL CORE 2 DUO E7500 mmx,sse(1,2,3,3s,4.1) EM64T,VT-x

memorey 4gb ddr3

western digital 500gb sata drive

onboard sound:ALC887 hd audio 8-channel codec

it also has stepless frequency Selection from 200 mhz-800 MHz at 1 MHz increments.


need some advise please any help will be good


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Install the latest version of Chameleon 2.1.

If that doesn't help, set SMmemtype=24 in /Extra/smbios.plist.



Remove arch=i386 kernel flag from your /Extra/org.chameleon.Boot.plist. (it's probably called com.apple.Boot.plist on your installation).


I don't know anything about ATI cards. Try to find Netkas' blog and look for more information over there.

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