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File Permission (access) in Mountain-Lion

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I have a problem the first time in Mountain Lion with the access rights in the "Library" and that if I as to the

"SystemConfiguration" and want see e. g. what in the com.apple.Boot.plist

or others .plist-files will change. Always get the message no access rights (in as many), I think

you know what I mean.


I've also information be low then right click then switch to the user John (i),

= read and write so I stopped and read and write times Administrators =


set times and also John (I) is se tas the owner, all to no effect, what ever I can do, nothing in the files

change that is not accessible.


in other folders such as for example System/Library is as usual we in Lion10.7.3etc.


even in the "etc" and so on where "fstab" is no access problems, very strange things with the library.


Someone has any idea what it could be?


Thank you. Greetings Pinarek from Germany


UPDATE 24.2.2012



My last tests is a Result, that is ONLY with the Folder

Preferences in Library/Preferences with have NOT Write access. The another Folders in Library have not

Problems with Write access. When i a copy from Preferences Folder in e.g. Preferences1,

i can write we will. Not problems.


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The problem has been solved a long time ago.

The ever so well in the DP1, but now everything is going well.

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