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ASUS P6T Deluxe V2

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Tested 10.8 on P6T Deluxe V2 and it works!!!!

It's probably the easiest Hackintosh Installation ever.



After Installation, sound can be enabled by using HDAWizard (AD2000B). To enable Ethernet, download ACHIPortInjector.Kext and Marvell88E8056.kext found in P6T threads on Lion forums then save it in Extra/Extensions folder. Also, WN311B works like a charm. Not a single KP encountered on the initial install.


Everything seems to be fine, Sleep - to be tested.

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hi team_osx,


i have the same hack running ML DP2 on it, but cant get sleep to work…


do you have a solution for that, and please let me know which kext files you used



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hello team_osx and luk 1985,


I try to install OSX 10.8 DP3 on an Asus p6t deluxe too, I followed this guide :



but I have a black screen during the boot. I try with a gefore ctx 560 ti and 9500gt.

Could you please tell me which smbios and which flags you have used ?




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I have the 9500GT, the following flag worked for me:






EDIT: Running Mountain Lion Retail. I now realise QE CI are not supported with the 9500GT and after around 20 minutes of using the computer (i7, 8GB RAM) everything becomes incredibly laggy and almost unusable. I've ordered a GT520 which is apparently supported with Mountain Lion (and is only £30/$50!)

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