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ASUS P8H67-M PRO (B3), i5-2400, speedstep, GTS 450, DSDT

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Thanks. :)


Will try to improve this guide. I'm now using the latest chameleon trunk (Chameleon Wizard) seems to fix some things.

Also I removed the monitoring tools. No changes on kexts/dsdt for the moment, because that seems to work fine. :)


I hope to here more reports from users if there sleep is working correctly.

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works fine for me, even with p67 chipset.


my config:


ASUS P8P67-M PRO B3 (everything seems to work, including audio and ethernet // P67(!) )


Sapphire AMD RADEON HD6870 VAPOR-X (works OOB)

Intel Core i5 2310

OCZ Vertex 2 60 GB - Mac OS X Lion 10.7.3

WD Caviar Blue 1TB - Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

LG BH10LS30 Bluray-Drive


all of the above do work.


last thing i have to fix is the pci-e wlan card (ASUS,PCE-N13).

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just pasted it into extra.


this is my first hackintosh, so i have a really big problem, i really hope you can help.


when i move the cursor to finder for e.g., it lags horrible and is not switching to click- mode or dock doesnt zooms when moving over icons, even if i activated it in settings .i dont know whats wrong? maybe got any solutions?

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You should try to create a new DSDT file, see the link to the guide in the first post.

After patching, change the _PTS values again.


What GPU do you have? (You could also send me a PM instead)

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Updated the guide, let me know if it is working for you. :)


@centurka: hope that you are okey? Anyway.. are you using the latest Chameleon?

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hey beta992,

yea, i'm ok :D


#1 - my network card driver is 32 bit only and there were no 64 bit kext´s available, so i just bought a D-Link DWA-556 which is recognized as an airport card. works great!

#2 - i bought a magic trackpad in combination with a speed link vias nano bt stick, works OOB!

#3 - i use chimera 1.8 (latest), do you recommend chameleon?

#4 - bought 8 GB RAM Corsair XMS3 -1333MHz, special offer ,32,99 euro (germany:D) so now i use 16 GB RAM Corsair XMS3-1333 MHz

#5 - solved UI probs. i use a cyborg rat 7 which is really great. i reinstalled the (latest) driver 5 times for sure, but all this didn´t help. then i downloaded an alternative (USBOverdrive) driver, installed it, reboot, works.


so now i am done with building my hackintosh :D big thanks, screenshot´s will follow..

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Nice.. hope we see some screens soon. :)

Magic trackpad better than a Apple mouse?


I use Chameleon trunk and it is working well here. :)


Do you tried the new BIOS?

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hey beta992,


the magic trackpad is, umm... magic:D


well, my board uses a p67 chipset ---> latest driver 1004. works just fine.

i changed the design of my bootmanager from tonymac´s theme to a boot camp theme... looks more "clear" .

screens will follow.



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Hey Beta,

complete noob here! i keep getting KP after installing SL, im running:

asus p8h67-m pro 3604

sapphire radeon hd 6850


could you please explain what post-install steps you followed?

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hi beta922


stumbled across this forum because looking for P8H67-M-PRO (B3) DSDT file, tried yours above and the result is my lion 10.7.3 is losing the support for PS2 Keyboard and unable to shutdown because of asmedia USB3.0 is active (through PXHCD.kext).


before applied your DSDT, PS2 keyboard was working and shutdown work just with a problem that the PC will power on again after 2-3 secs off, so I thought by using your DSDT, will solve the problem.


any thought about this ?, do you have your onboard USB3.0 activated ?


my system is :


P8H67-M Pro (B3)



8Gb Memory

On board Graphics

chameleon boot



Thank you

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