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Hello forum participants,

It is yet that time again, when a new operating system is being released (version 10.9, Mavericks). To both new and old forum members, this is also a time when we ask for patience and for understanding. For this forum specifically, the following rules are lightly being implemented:

1) No posting about Mavericks unless you have a guide or are making a guide. Meaningless posts asking "Is Mavericks available for _____ model?" will not be tolerated. These clog up the forums and are unnecessary

2) Do NOT PM moderators or previous OS install makers. Moderators will not respond to you, and guide makers will simply be annoyed about you messaging them.

Please follow these requests from now until Mavericks is OFFICIALLY released, and even after that, please allow time and patience for those who choose to make guides for Mavericks.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding for the next couple months.

InsanelyMac Netbook Moderator

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