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well I found one that would work to get me to freeze on the appleserverworksata. The kernel that works is the mach_kernel.test7, but (I'm pretty sure) the modbin_kernel from the modcd gets me to stick at that same spot.

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I honestly can't think of why launchd is not executing...


Look up "AMD FX-4100 10.6.8" w/out the quotes and see what you come up with. Reduce the clock speed to normal if you haven't already (it's important).

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Legacy Kernel 10.8.0 V2 is crucial to getting up to 10.6.8.


I haven't over-clocked since the K7 series of AMD, but, the highest hurdle to cross was the FSB getting too charged up for the PCI devices to operate properly, it's a pain trying to synchronize memory to a hot bus, so, things tend to get out of balance. Just when you think everything is smooth sailing, an oil tanker comes around and runs you over. I don't know if HT presents the same problems or not though.


I understand there have been some strides in the OC world though. Still, over powering the CPU core can present problems all its own.


From what I have gathered recently 'Cool'n'Quiet' could also be a problem for getting the hack running.


There are only a handful of 'Bulldozer' OSXers out there right now. If you get yours running after an update, you are way ahead. I'm not sure any of them are as far as you are now.


Good Work!

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Ok so I turned off the OC. turned off my custom pstates. back to 3.6 ghz. and HOLY DAMN OSX IS SLOW NOW!!!! It seriously dropped almost half on it's load speed. still no difference on being able to use the legacy kernel 10.8. Just restarts. I am wondering if it has anything to do with the CPU Instructions that my CPU has. Not only do I have sse and sse2 but I also have sse3 ssse3 sse4.1 & sse4.2


I don't know anything about that but from what I have gathered is AMD's don't support anything higher than sse2 and intel is sse3 and ssse3 all the way. So could this be part of why I can only use the modbin_kernel?


I know the bulldozer architecture is different then any other AMD cpu out there.


As for overclocking I didn't even have to change my voltage. I can change the multiplier in my bios and over clock to 4.7ghz without adjusting the voltage and no bugs. but it gets hot after 4.5ghz. This chip can be OC'd to 8Ghz. But I will never attempt that.


I also think my biggest problem is that my motherboard is a NB990FX and SB950


EDIT: I deleted both kexts for the AppleIntelCpuPower...whatever and it still shows right before it loads the desktop that

AppleIntelPower........ is incomplete or unsupported

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My Athlon 64x2 supports SSE3 while my Athlon 64 3200+ does not.


The GUI on the 3200+ is whacked and shows lines through anything shaped like an oval--like the search window has a line by the magnifier icon. Also, when using Cover Flow, the stock icons look like balloons with dirt smeared all over them. Weird.


I guess it's down to the SSE3 emulation not quite working right. Maybe my {censored} NV 6200--Dunno?


I still don't understand the conflict with the Legacy Kernel you're having.

Modbin never worked for my AMD's but legacy always worked like a charm.

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it does the same thing as every kernel except modbin. So there is something in that kernel that is not in any of the other ones. (sorry for being captain obvious) :)

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I never thought it was unusual for AMDs to have SSE3/SSSE3/SSE4? Particularly newer models?


Do you boot with arch=i386? I believe the legacy kernels only support 32-bit (i386). You can force a 64-bit userspace later, but try booting with arch=i386 and the legacy kernel and see if that makes a difference.

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ok booting with arch=i386 doesn't help, the only way I have found to not get it to reset is to use busratio=18 (cause my busratio is 18 at factory speed) and I get this KPpost-966952-0-70650500-1332603763_thumb.jpg

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Alright so time to update you guys.


First off I got the DVD to work by turning off combined ide mode in bios. Easy fix.


Updated to 10.6.8 with the modbin_kernel. Yes it does work past 10.6.4


Flashed my Asus 6770 Radeon to a 5770 and got qe/ci working, at least i have the translucent bar and front page and video doesn't crash now. Still only shows a ati 5000 for the card but oh well I'll do more research.


And I can boot off the HDD's just for some reason I have to switch what HDD boots in my bios cause the Mac HDD can't load win 7 and the disc can't fix it. and i can't load osx from the windows part.

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Whatever it shows for graphics is purely cosmetic. :)


Now are both OS'es on the same HDD?

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no, here is how I got it.


Hd 0,2 SL 10.6.8 stable

HD 0,3 SL 10.7.2 experimental. We trying.

Hd 1,2 Windows 7

Hd 1,3 Data Drive

Hd 1,4-6 Linux (cause it has 3 partitions)

HD 2,2 Windows 8


If I have the HD 0 which is my samsung set to boot I can run sl but when I try to boot windows it says I need to put in the windows install disc, so I try and it says it is not compatiable with this version.

If I put HD 1 as my boot, I can boot windows 7, 8 and linux, just not osx.

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Download EasyBCD on Windows 7 and add a Mac selection to the Windows Boot Loader.

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already have it, maybe I need to refresh it since I have mac booting from HDD

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Yeah, just make sure that you have EasyBCD pointing to the right drive. :)

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      I have put together this simple little guide for anybody wanting to use a Patched DSDT EFI with the same configuration as me.
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      A huge massive thank you to @glasgood @MaLd0n @larabee These three guys have helped me and talked me so much and are as helpful as you could ever get, Without them I wouldn't have a perfect working build like I do or be putting up this Guide & Discussion Thread sharing the hard work and countless hours that we have all put in to this.   
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      • ABWB BCM943602CS 802.11AC WI-FI With Bluetooth 4.0 PCI-Express (PCI-E)   
      • Lian Li PC-O11DW Dynamic ATX Case


      • Sound 
      • Ethernet Port
      • WiFi
      • SSD Trim
      • USB 3.0 & 2.0 (All ports Open Natively)
      • AirDrop
      • iCloud
      • Hardware Acceleration
      • iMessages
      • Facetime
      • Sleep & Wake
      • Sleep and Shutdown via the Power Button
      • Handoff
      • Netflix on Safari browser
      • Continuity
      Use this folder with fully patched DSDT
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      ADDITIONAL DSDT's  (A big thanks to @MaLd0n for compiling these extra DSDT's)
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      If Your Not Using File Vault Then Please Disable Hibernate
      Clover Configurator
      Kext Updater
      AirportBrcmFixup.kext    (If your Wifi Card isn't working after installing my EFI then add the AirportBrcmFixup.kext to your clover kext folder and reboot)
      FakeSMC    (Can be used instead of VirtualSMC)
      Native Display Brightness with MonitorControl
      BIOS SETTINGS (Bios Revision F10)
      • Enter BIOS → Press F12 → Enter Setup
      • Save & Exit → Load Optimized Defaults
      • BIOS → Windows 8/10 Features → Other OS
      • BIOS → CSM Support → Enabled  (Can be set to disabled depending on what GPU you use)
      • MIT → Advanced Memory Settings  → Extreme Memory Profile (X.M.P) → Enabled  
      • Peripherals → Initial Display Output → PCIe 1 Slot
      • Peripherals → Trusted Computing → Security Device Support →  Disable
      • Peripherals → Intel(R)Bios Guard → Intel BIOS Guard Support →  Disable
      • Peripherals → USB Configuration → Legacy USB Support →  Enabled
      • Peripherals → USB Configuration → XHCI Hand-off →  Enabled
      • Peripherals → Network Stack Configuration → Network Stack →  Disabled
      • Peripherals → SATA And RST Configuration → SATA Mode Selection →  AHCI
      • Chipset → Vt-d → Enabled  (can be enabled or disabled, your choice)
      • Chipset → Internal Graphics → Disabled
      • Chipset → Audio Controller → Enabled
      • Chipset → Above 4G Decoding → Disabled 
      • Power → Platform Power Management → Enabled
      • Power → ErP → Enabled  (can be enabled or disabled, your choice)
      • Power → RC6 (Render Standby) → Disabled
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