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I'm Alexander,


I used the nickname Deamobile, switched it to Indernaad last year.

I can not restore the password since i cant access the email address anymore.



You could have written to contact@insanelymac.com

Welcome back, anyway

P.S. I can still reactivate your old account if you wish, you had quite few posts. But I can leave only one.

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Oh no, I posted this first of all in the wrong area and created a topic, now thats not a good start is it? Anyway this is what I wrote and MODs feel free to delete the topic I created.



Hi im Chrisie, im 33 from Southampton, computer mad, music mad and love all types of operating systems including the old Amiga OS.


Never really had the chance to explore a Mac enough so now im trying to have a go.


Installed Mac OS on PC before and Laptop but having a few problems with an old KN1 SLI Lite, I refuse to quit lol


At home I run, computers in most rooms linked to one server. Windows, Linux but missing a Mac. Main studio PC uses eyefinity but I dont do gaming. I have an xbox 360


Could give you specs of everything but it would take me too long.


Chrisie x

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You could have written to contact@insanelymac.com

Welcome back, anyway

P.S. I can still reactivate your old account if you wish, you had quite few posts. But I can leave only one.


Ah, thanks for the info. It's fine like this :)

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Hello to All,

I"m Dorin. I live in beautiful Alaska. I am a Mac user since 2005 and recently, my MacBook Pro(early 2008) decided to pack it in. So, I have decided to revive my past failure of installing OS X 86 and see if I can make it fly this time. Things have changed dramatically here since I was perusing last, and I am happy to see that the expertise and tools are WAY OUT THERE!. My kudos to the community and admins behind it. This is truly amazing! Steve Jobs would have approved of it!!! LOL - maybe NOT... but the spirit of innovation is at its highest here, and I am humbled by what I see around.


So, without delay, I just bought an Acer V5-571 model with these specs:


CPU: Intel® Core™ i5-3210M[/b] processor (3 MB L3 cache, 2.50 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 3.10 GHz, DDR3 1600 MHz, 35 W), supporting Intel® 64 architecture, Intel® Smart Cache

Memory:	Dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM support:				[list]
[*]Up to 4 GB of DDR3 system memory, upgradable to 8 GB using two soDIMM modules[sup][url="http://support.acer.com/acerpanam/notebook/2012/Acer/Aspire/E1-571/E1-571sp2.shtml#sup_5"]5[/url][/sup](for 64-bit OS)
Display	 15.6" HD 1366 x 768 resolution, high-brightness (200-nit) Acer CineCrystal™ LED-backlit TFT LCD   16:9 aspect ratio
			  Graphics:   [b]Intel® HD Graphics 4000[/b] with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 11, OpenGL® 3.1, OpenCL™ 1.1
			WMV10 (VC-1) and H.264 (AVC) decoding

			[b]Intel® HD Graphics 3000[/b] with 128 MB of dedicated system memory, supporting Microsoft® DirectX® 10.1
			WMV9 (VC-1) and H.264 (AVC) decoding

			Dual independent display support
			16.7 million colors
			External resolution / refresh rate:			  [list]
[*]VGA port up to 2048 x 1536: 75 Hz
[*]HDMI® port up to 1920 x 1080: 60 Hz
			MPEG-2/DVD decoding
			HDMI® (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) with HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) support											
Audio	   Two built-in stereo speakers
			High-definition audio support
			MS-Sound compatible
			Built-in microphone											
Storage	 Hard disk drive				[list]
[*]One 320/500/750 GB
			Multi-in-1 card reader, supporting:				[list]
[*]Secure Digital™ (SD) Card, MultiMediaCard™ (MMC), Memory Stick PRO™ (MS PRO), xD-Picture Card™ (xD)
			8X DVD-Super Multi double-layer drive:				[list]
[*]Write: 24X CD-R, 16X CD-RW, 8X DVD-R, 8X DVD+R, 6X DVD-R DL, 6X DVD+R DL, 6X DVD-RW, 8X DVD+RW, 5X DVD-RAM
Webcam	 Acer Video Conference, featuring:				[list]
[*]Acer Crystal Eye HD webcam
[*]1280 x 720 resolution
[*]720p HD audio/video recording
Wireless and networking	WLAN:				[list]
[*]802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™
			LAN: Gigabit Ethernet, Wake-on-LAN ready											
Privacy control						  BIOS user, supervisor, HDD passwords
			Kensington lock slot											Input and Control						  
[b]Keyboard[/b] 105-/106-/109-key Acer FineTouch™ keyboard with independent standard numeric keypad, international language support, dedicated US dollar and Euro symbol keys
			Multi-gesture touchpad, supporting two-finger scroll, pinch, rotate, flip
			[b]Media Keys[/b]
			Media control keys (printed on keyboard): play/pause, stop, previous, next, volume up, volume down   Input and output							
Multi-in-1 card reader (SD™, MMC, MS PRO, xD)
			Three USB 2.0 ports
			HDMI® port with HDCP support
			External display (VGA) port
			Headphone/speaker jack, supporting 3.5 mm headset with built-in microphone for Acer smart handhelds
			Microphone-in jack
			Ethernet (RJ-45) port
			DC-in jack for AC adapter


So far, I have installed(and purchased) Mountain Lion 10.8.2. I can boot via USB but trouble followed shortly.

I am hoping to meet with help from the folks that have-been-there and done-that.

Thank you again for having this great community.

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Howdy everybody;)


I came here looking for info and kexts for a Latitude e6400, and general info.


I'm still reimaging/updating windows and evaluating my hardware for some possible upgrades, and the TPM/ AMT architecture gives me the vapors;) I bought this machine for parts(bought 3 dead laptops for $75;) and I finally "took ownership" of the TPM a couple days ago, gaff taped over the camera and mic;)


This machine is creepy, but I'll save that story for another installment;)


It'll likely be at least a few more days before I do any osx experiments with this thang, but thanks for the forum, I'll be around pretty often probably(might be a little slow on replies if I get any today, have an array of other projects cooking...so please don't bother I just wanted to say hi, and I'll try to post some interesting questions when I'm ready to.


Gotta go build a trailer for a big (really huge) dog house I let a friend dump here...was gonna convert it to a chicken coop...just need to wheel it around back right now before code inforcement takes an interest in it;)

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Hi all! , i want to install Mac OS in my new samsung series 5 ultrabook 13'3 , 2 years ago i installed leopard on my old laptop computer , now things has changed a lot so im lost! , i want to learn everything , cause i have windows 8 but my mac mini is awesome!

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Hello to everybody.

My name is Giorgio and I'm italian.

I'm also a total newbie about Apple computer, OSX and so on (except some basic knowledge about iOS).

Following your forum and informations, I'd like to start my experience with an hackintosh. The hardware is already at my home and soon, if work, wife and small daughter (not necessary in this order of importance) will allow me, I will try the ML installation and dual boot procedure (Win7).


I'm sure I'll have a tons of questions, doubt and uncertains. Will retrain myself from bother and posting every few second, choosing instead to read twice and carefully all what I can find in the forum.


Time will come I'll post something, both success or failure, joy and sadness, questions (a lot) and answers (few...).

Forgive me from now all my sure stupid question.


Thank you for your attention.


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Ciao at everybody i'm Tanaka from italy,

i have successfully install 10.7.5 on my desktop, without alc892 because i use an apogee interface, and now i'm trying to install ML but is tricky!!

i only use mac at work and I hope to use it even at home, especially for audio editing and mixing.


good hack to all

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Hello, I was recently burned by the elitist and amazingly unhelpful Tonymac community. Need a community more willing to help a first timer. I'm not stranger to installing osx on mac computers or windows on intel computers.


Been finagling a g4 and a g5 for about 5 years now and I can officially not put off upgrading any longer. I've done tons of hardware repair and replacement but never built a computer from scratch. This was my excuse to get started. I heard about hackentoshing way back in 2008 but it seemed like such an infant concept i put it off. Now it seems like there is more than enough resources for me to finally get started.


Over 6 months i bought bits and pieces of my build for under 400 bucks. Listed below


Gigabyte GA-H61N-USB3 itx (firmware F8)

500 watt coolermaster PCU

4 gigs ram(plan to go 8 gigs when functioning)

EVGA GeForce 210 1024 MB DDR3 PCI Express 2.0 video card

Intel Core i3-2120 Dual-Core Processor 3.3 GHz processor.

Seagate Barracuda 7200 500 GB SATA 6.0 drive

Dual Layer DVD burner with light scribe

Cooler Master Elite 120 Advanced - Mini-ITX Computer Case


Current Status:

10.6.3 fresh install, functional but no network, garbled audio

Cloned to 2nd partition while I figure it out.


Current Goal: 10.6.8 with full functionality. Trying to keep my universal Binary apps from my g5 and g4 system and use the old towers for storage, xgridding, screensharing.

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hi everybody,

i am mustachio from brussels, belgium.

have a 2008 black MB with some small updates (ssd, +ram).


i really enjoy reading this forum and hope to learn more from you guys.

i have a G5 case and am thinking about starting a hackintosh project. with dual boot for gaming.

(i like the laserhive mobo tray. So i'll need an matx board i guess. Cpu i5 3570k.)




El M.

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Hi everyone, I'm qwertzuiop258 and I joined the hackintosh community because I'd like to set up OSX Mountain Lion on my Laptop. (x220 , i will edit my forum signature soon.) I have experience with GNU/Linux. I consider myself as an experienced computer user with more knowledge than an average one, but I dont know everything.


I'm in school for a last year, then i'll go to university. I live in Austria (it's the small country to the south of Germany), please forgive me if you don't understand me.


X220 12,5" QM67

i5-2520m Sandybridge mobile

8GB ram Dual-channel 1333mhz

Intel 6205 (this probably won't work) wifi (bgn??)

1366x768 internal display, VGA, DisplayPort

3x USB 2.0

ExpressCard 54


VGA Webcam (Chicony Electronics)

Ethernet Intel 82579LM Gigabit

card reader SDXC/MMC Ricoh PCie

Audio Speaker: Conexant (??)


My main problem is: during installation keyboard trackpad wtc. works, but not when booting from disk. (this annoys me)


Since I come from GNU/Linux, I have no fear towards shell scripting, terminal commands etc. I prefer those utilities in contrast to GUI Apps.


happy hacking :)

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Hello everyone,


I am a graphic designer, videographer, and 12-year Mac user.


I look forward to being a part of this community and talking about everything Mac!




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Hello! I am ~29 years old, living in Lund, Sweden. Great to be here!






Ciao a tutti sono OmegaDoc e spero di poter trovarmi bene qui trovando tutte le risposte che cerco ciaooo!!!


Worry not, my dear son, as even the best English users on this forums still suck at it

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I am Michiel from Belgium.


I have some troubles installing Mountain Lion and hope to find a solution.


Kind regards :P

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hi all my name is Antonio and i come from italy and i would like make my laptop dv6 6169sl dual boot with windows/osx86 .... and i hope you help me... thx all

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      We are so exciting about this new update. Now we implement all the new features in our Forum.
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