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Backing up Imaging rEFIt partitions

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Hey guys,


I messed up my rEFIt partition scheme so that I don't have access to my Linux partition and Mac OS X locks me out (when I try to log in, it accepts my password and prompts me again - I've tried to reinstall, but everytime I get access on the first boot and then never again). So, I'm going to completely wipe my drive and reinstall OSX, Linux, and Windows... I want to keep my data. Is there a way I can image/backup the entire drive (every EFI partition) in a way that I can easily access each afterward? The windows 7 partition is working perfectly, so that's one I'd like to clone exactly and put right back on...


Also, If I've a clean MBP (I've the newest edition), then in what should I reinstate these OSs (one of them being the disk image for my win7 parition) - so that things don't go wrong.


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How did you mess up your partition scheme? Gparted perhaps?


Look up online "how to hack mac osx passwords." You can be root if you boot the machine in single user mode, and from there you can hack the password. Don't know about the linux issue, usually I just do a fresh linux install and save my data when stuff like that happens. The cool thing about linux is you can install all the software you lost via command line in one shot, so I usually don't find it too big of a deal, although I'm not too advanced as far as linux goes.


Anyway, you want to use a Clonezilla live cd or USB to back up. Clonezilla is basically a live linux distro (similar concept to gparted live) creates a bootable clone of pretty much any OS. USB is probably faster, which you can create with tuxboot or universal usb installer in windows. live cd would definitely be easier though and more likely to boot from the cd. Clonezilla also clones multiple partitions at once, so you could actually back up the entire drive if you wanted to.


EDIT: I forgot, you can also use winclone for windows (and perhaps linux), and carbon copy cloner for osx.

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