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Editing & Patching DSDT for Intel DP43TF (sleep, USB)


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I've been trying to tweak my DSDT ever since I learned what a DSDT was :)


This is on a 10.7.3 install


I pulled my dsdt.aml from an Unbuntu live CD, then I applied two patches for my mobo that I found at olarilla.com (motherboard patch & ALC888 patch).


Sleep doesn't work properly, when I choose sleep from the Apple menu, the monitor goes to standby and I hear the hard drives power down but the case fans speed up. Then I can't get it to wake up, when I press a mouse button the mouse light turns on but nothing comes back to life, nothing happens when I press the power button either.


Currently I'm using the boot flags EHCIacquire=yes and UHCIreset=yes , otherwise USB doesn't work and I get a permissions error during boot (USBEHCI is unable to obtain ownership).


Any help getting either issue fixed would be greatly appreciated! I'm not quite sure what I'm looking at in the DSDT but have tried different patches and changing the names to Mac names and that hasn't done the trick. When I compile the stock pulled DSDT I get two warnings:


Acquire (MUT0, 0x0FFF) - has to change to 0x0FFFF to avoid: "Possible operation time out is ignored"


And (^SIO1.RGE0, 0x05) - Gets the warning: "Result is not used, operator has no effect" (don't know what to do to fix this)


I have attached the pulled DSDT.aml from my bios and the two patches for my motherboard.


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