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Newbie - My hackintosh project over a Toshiba NB520

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Hello :


I´m involved since yesterday in the tricky path for install Leopard/Snow Leopard on my netbook. Here are my experience till now.


1.- First I´ve tried with Kalyway ( Meanwhile I get iAtkos S3 v2 ) with Leopard 10.5.2 . With this one, I installed some time ago in my Asus barebone almost successfull, but without sound.


All times I´ve tried, always get a Kernel Panic message. My netbook´s BIOS has got minimal options, but AHCI is still there. Playine with other options, like changing the number of processors to boot, the frequency of them ( Dynamic or Loss power ) and some USB things didn´t work. Couldn´t acces to installation screen...


2.- Next, with iAtkos S3 v2 Snow Leopard. In the best results, I´ve got the Apple logo and the "loading circle" turning very slowly for about an hour. No response, even with safe mode with -F. I don´t know if it´s possible to start the installation with more options to get the install screen. Kernel panic for all places.


3.- My brother has a mac-mini from 2009, and with the original DVD coming with it and the EFI Empire for intel atom, I get to installation screen,but the installation menu sais that "this machine could not load a backup instalation, or restore the OS ). I think this it because my brother´s DVD it´s not the retail one. By the way, at this point to execute EFI properly, the best one was with the Legacy drivers...


4.- I´m getting the retail Snow Leopard today, and still try one more time as I did on the step 3. I hope with this could acces to Install screen properly, and start a true installation.


All of this took me about 9 hours yesterday, and the NTFS partitios I´ve got in my netbook with WinXP and for backup files get damaged.


It seems that the possibility to run Mac OS on this netbook is pretty small, but I will keep on trying with the retail OS. If I not succeed, I hope someone could give a helping hand about how to make it.


Well, keep in tune. I will post more of my experience about this. I´m just a clumsy newbie, but I try to the end!


See you !! :



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