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Can I Run It?


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first, sorry if is not the correct place to ask newbie question.


1. can i run os x lion on playstation 3? with dual boot to xmb? or else other way? (my ps3 is not jailbreak)


2. can i run os x lion on my "old school" pc?


motherboard: msi g41m-p26 (MS-7592)


GPU: i have 3 to try, msi geforce 8600gt 1gb ddr2

OR gigabyte geforce 6600gt 128mb ddr3

OR intel on-board GPU X4500 (on-board = on my msi g41m-p26 motherboard)


CPU: intel pentium 4 - 3.2Ghz - 540 (socket LGA775, Prescott) BUS: 200 FSP: 800


RAM: 2gb DDR3 1333Mhz SAMSUNG


thanks for the help!

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Geforce 8600 GT + MSI G41M-P26 is fine but you need to replace the Pentium 4 with a Core 2 Duo or Quad.


I don't know if the on-board sound and ethernet on that motherboard will work, look up the specs on MSI's website and use google or the forum search to find out.


X4500 and the 6600 GT will not work, no driver support in Lion.


You can't run OS X on a Playstation!

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