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Help with Hackintosh Compatibility: New to forums


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I am interested in making a hackintosh for my current server/ HTPC. I am new to the forums but i do have a fairly sound knowledge of computers and Operating Systems.


I would like a general opinion of whether my computer is most compatible or it would just fail all-together running a hackintosh.


These are the specs:

Motherboard: Asus KPGE-D16

CPU: AMD Opteron 6168

RAM: 1333 MHZ Mushkin Enhanced


Sound Card: Asus Xonar HDAV 1.3 Deluxe


I understand that currently the NVIDIA GTX570 is not compatible with Snow Leopard but is with Lion; however, Lion does not have an AMD hack as of yet.


I have run the systeminfo application provided which basically showed that everything but the Graphics with a Tick and or a smiley face. I have also looked at the HCL for OSX64 but because most of my hardware is server category except for the sound and graphics card, my hardware components did not appear on any list, which still leaves me questioning how compatible it really is.


If it is just the graphic card please tell me, because i can use my old Radeon HD instead.

Although i am curious to know whether one could port the Lion Nvidia driver back to Snow Leopard, one would have a guess that porting that driver would only require a few minor changes; as your not porting it to another architecture or even OS like from SPARC to X86-64 or Linux to Solaris, thus folder directories, applications, Kext, and DSDT files would all be relatively similar?


However, i am a little confused by all the different hacks that are available and the most suitable one to choose, if someone could please provide suggestions that would be great.




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