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Virtualbox unlocker possible?

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Great to have VMware unlocker, but Workstation as a product is not really well supported on odd Linux installations.

Vmware response is that thay support only mainstream


So if the install (and/or product) works then great, if it does not... bad luck


At the same Virtualbox is supported in many more distros, often directly in the repo


One example is Slitaz


So while Lion can run on Virtualbox - https://forums.virtu...hp?f=22&t=39491

it is stopped due to restrictions


Removal of which would be great (if possible)


Or is it not needed at all?





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It seems strange that Lion wouldn't run on VirtualBox when Snow Leopard client will. Note so well, mind you,VirtualBox additions don't install on SL, but SL client didn't require an unlocker to install or boot.

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Well looks like it is not even supported on Mac hardware currently, and Oracle has no plans to support it. However there is a patch at https://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/9388 which goes partway to fixing it. However there are still significant issues from what I have read. Until these get fixed I think we will be out of luck. There are hacks like darwin.iso for VirtualBox but that isn't the same as unlocker.


My suggestion is to try and get the VMware forum folks interested in building the VMware drivers on Slitax

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