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GTX 560 Ti Dual Monitor Not working (DVI/HDMI/VGA)

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Installed with Lion 10.7.2. My graphic card is Palit 560 Ti 1Gb. Everything works nicely except I couldn't get my 2 monitor to work.

I've followed the guide to enable 5xx card and now I can set it to the highest resolution, but my 2nd monitor is unusable. :(


My first monitor connected with DVI/DVI cable and so does the 2nd monitor. If I change the 2nd DVI/HDMI or VGA/VGA or VGA/DVI dongle, both of my display will be blank, until I unplugged the cable for the 2nd monitor, and the primary display will be available again.


I've search through this forum and also tonymac, none has work so far for me. If anyone could suggest me something, I'm glad to hear.


PS: I followed this guide and also this one which almost just the same, and both producing the same result. And I didn't use the ATY thingy as I figure I don't need it since my card is detected, just the display port are the one causing the problem.


Thank you!

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I am having same issues. I am running a Gigabyte GTX 560 Ti 1GB RAM. I am using both DVI ports with DVI cables only. I could not get this to work at all! Then last night all of a sudden on a reboot it started working!!! But I did not do anything but a hard reboot (OSX crash). I then rebooted into the OSX usb installer (######) to do a quick hdd image and even in the retail installer environment I had dual screen display!!! Then reboot back into OS still working. Then later on shutdown PC to go to bed. Wake up today, turn on PC, and what do you know... lost my dual screen display. Back to only one display at a time and not able to detect the other. WTF!!! This is driving me crazy! But it has to be possible as it was working with dual screens for over 6 hours. To be continued....

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when I unplug and replug the monitor thats not working osx does its display refresh thing when it detects monitors being plugged or unplugged, so the operation is working fine just no picture coming out to 2nd display.

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Ok got it working!!! Via DSDT edit. Full resolution and full acceleration and DUAL SCREENS!!!! PM me if if this thread is even alive still.

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Don't you just hate it when someone has a solution and does not post it for the rest of us? They somehow drops off the face of the earth after they found the solution. Do they want us to beg or send them money first ?

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      Hey, long time no post!
      Apologies if this has been answered, every time I search I get a timeout on the site and I can't seem to get the search to work
      I've been sitting pretty with Yosemite for a while , but a recent hardware upgrade (Audio interface) means I can jump from Yosemite. 

      I've successfully upgraded Clover, then the OS and for the most of it, it seems great. Everything works but the Graphics Driver (NVidia GeForce GTX670.)
      I can only boot into Mac if disable the NVIDIA drivers with the boot flag nv_disable=1  however that's not great I end up with one monitor working at 1024 x 768.
      I've updated the NVIDIA web drivers to the latest my build of sierra can take. 
      I have the boot flag for web driver to be enabled (can't remember off the top of my head.. I'm on the work pc, soon to be home)
      Any ideas would be grateful, I spent much of last night and morning on this.

      Many Thanks
      UPDATE: I've managed to load successfully, between a combination of changing the SMBIOS to MacBook 14,2 and loading lilukext with NVIDIAgraphicsfixer.
      Everything is the same as Yosemite, except I do not have HDMI audio or onboard sound. I do have a dedicated audio interface so I'm not at a true loss.