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wireless card can't find networks


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I have a HP G60-630us that I installed iatkos Lion L2. I didn't check before installing so I don't know for sure but I believe it has an atheros 9285 wireless card. I installed a kext I found for this card and it seemed to work. os x recognized my wireless card. unfortunately it couldn't find any networks. after fooling around a bit it discovered my networks and I was able to connect to the internet. a short while later I rebooted and now can't find any networks again. how can i get this working?

in system profiler I see the following under the wi-fi


Software Versions:

CoreWLAN: 2.1.1 (211.3)

CoreWLANKit: 1.0.1 (101.1)

Menu Extra: 7.0.1 (701.2)

configd plug-in: 7.1.1 (711.1)

System Profiler: 7.0 (700.3)

IO80211 Family: 4.0 (400.24)

WiFi Diagnostics: 1.0.1 (101.1)

Airport Utility: 5.5.3 (553.20)



Card Type: Airport Extreme (0x168C, 0x303F)

Firmware Version: Atheros 9285:

MAC Address: (I don't think I need to reveal this)

Locale: Unknown

Country Code:

Supported Channels: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Wake on Wireless: Supported

AirDrop: Supported

Status: Not Associated



EDIT: after opening up the compartment on the underside of my laptop I find the actual model of my wireless is AR5B95-H. I've been trying kexts to get this to work but am now not able to get it to recognize it as wireless hardware at all. please help

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