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[HELP] DSDT for Dell Inspirotn 17R (N7110) i7

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Could you please help me to compile my DSDT file (see attachment).

When I'm compiling this file in DSDT Editor it produced too many errors that cannot be fixed automatically :(

My configuration is:

Dell Inspiron N7110 (17R)



HDD 640

Video: Intel HD3000 and NV GT525M 2Gb (I think it should be disabled because optimus not supported by MacOS).


Please let me know if you requre additional information.





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Here is my dsdt for N7110 a11 whit i7 hope it's help you.


If you make this cmputer work pleas tell me how




Thanks for reply. I will check it. Could you please add non patched DSDT from your laptop. I will compare it with fixed version just to improve knowledge in this area.


Thanks a lot

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