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help with random lockups


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First a big thank you to you guys.

With the help of this forum i managed to get osx installed on a rather problematic system :P



AMD64 3500+

Nforce4 chipset

OnBoard Sound


Geforce 6800 PCIE

OSX: 10.4.6.JaS Install + PPF1 Patches


Most of the time my setup runs just fine but there are a few issues i still have:


1) After listening to a few mp3's the system hangs (doesn't mather which media player i use)

2) Sometimes i get an Disk Read/Write Error when saving files (file size doesn't matter)

3) Disk permissions get f***ed up sometimes and i have to run "diskutil repairPermissions /dev/blabla)


1) and 2) are real showstoppers for me and i would be really glad if someone could help me with these because i really like to work with osx :D

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thanks for you answers.


i dont' think it is the hardware.

Linux/Windows and BSD run just fine (hehe i'm "quad-booting" here).


Forgot to say that osx doesn't hang completly, i can still move the mouse.


@JaS: Thanks for your nice osx86 releases ;)

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