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Mac OSX Lion 10.7.2 Scroll Bar Issue

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Hi All,


I started my hackingtosh with SN 10.6.2. Then upgraded to 10.6.8 October of 2011. Late December, I upgraded that to 10.7.0 and then latest update to 10.7.2. Being new in Mac and I go with the easiest way by using Voodoo for audio and ralink USB Wi-Fi as PCI WI-FI not recognized. I notice that the window of every page, end of scroll bar has no arrows head indicators. For Mac OSX SN, it is the bottom of scroll bar back-to-back one arrow head pointing up and the other arrow head pointing down. I don't think that is normal. Any suggestion how I can fix it?

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In Lion, there is no arrows on the scrollbar.


Here's a comparison image:




(You can change the scrollbar to auto-hide, or always visible via System Preferences > General)

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