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Ipod (6th gen)


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Just heard on aussie tv that the new 6th gen ipod "movie ipod" (released next year) will be capable of using a tv as a display. Apple also said that they will be releasing full movies to download from itunes the day the movie is released on dvd. Sounds like fun :compress:


Source = channel 9 news.

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the new ipod. can supposedly plug into the tv and you can watch your ipod :P




emm you mean it cant allready, because ive been doing that since I got a video one... all you have to do is get one of those like headphone jack to rgb cables and play arond with them (the colors dont match up since apple wants you to buy the seperate dock...) or do you mean like record live tv? like tivo on the go?







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it's called the ITV and it's a wireless device coming out in January or so...... I think the price is $299..... you can stream music, movies, and anything else from itunes to the device......


Big deal....... I just use my modded xbox with xbox media center on it and it does the same thing with a wireless network adaptor..... and I'm not limited to itunes compatible stuff.... I can play any vid file I want...



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I didn't say anything about an IPOD..... The widescreen ipod is still just rumor.... The ONLY new product announced for next year is the ITV.... and you cannot take that on the bus either...... Well you could but you would look dumb..... but I guess maybe you are used to that......




* Wireless video set-top box

* Available Q1 2007

* Half the size of the Mac mini, featuring:

o Built-in power supply


o Ethernet

o 802.11 "wireless component video"

o Optical audio and HDMI ports

o RCA stereo audio ports

* Capable of playing back HDTV content

* Works with the Apple Remote

* User interface is like a "next generation Front Row," highly graphical featuring 3D animations

* Quality looks very close to DVD, even on largescreen televisions

* Can play movie trailers and other content from the Internet

* Ties to iTunes on a PC or Mac

* Will retail for $299



There's your information.


Plus with all the video ipods (gen 5) you could watch movies on your tv with them already....... G4 or the photo ipod you could see pictures on your tv as well.... Nothing new there.....



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