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Why all GTX has low score on lion ? Any idea ?

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No i'm not happy about that.and search a solution otherwise a pass on Ati.

On windows that card is fabulous on lion is like HD3000 and i have 3000 on my processor.. Why to buy another ? :|

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Yeah, I would stick to what works but that one score out of many other possible benching tools and its not all the same.










See in Windows 7 or Lion


I have not noticed any difference in anything other than gaming that my HD4850 or GTX570 can't tackle in either OS. Obviously the GTX 570 smokes in gaming but thats not even why I bought it. I bought it for in Maya and the Mercury engine in Adobe suite. Its much faster at certain tasks and only in when in Mud box at level 5 that the ATI HD4850 can't run at all so to do that the GTX 570 is the bees knees.


My point is to not relying on benching? Doing the job you need it to do is best.


So, I agree in why buy another unless its to increase something your currently having trouble with.

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Agreed. You can't solely rely on benching as a direct answer to your question you have to look at real time performance which includes day to day usage, realistically pushing your gpu (wehter it be usin the Adboe suite or any other CUDA powered app), and other factors as well. For starters comparing two completely differen OSes usage of the gpu can't be directly related through the same bench mark because each OS harnesses the power of the gpu in different fashions.


In all, don't think of your 550 Ti as a slouch going based off of Cinebench in OS X, it's performing how it should.

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Thanks for your replies

Before I had the 5770 and I am generally happier

Now reading to see that maybe I have a problem with CL

the opencl benchmark not working for me :moil:




UpDate i make new install with iAtkos (DsDt free) my score now on GL is 45 but CL not Working again.



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