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Intel HD 3000, freezes and lines

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HP ProBook 4530s: Intel Core-i5 2430m, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Crucial M4-CT128M4SSD2, 8GB RAM, Atheros AR9285, Realtek RTL8111/8168B



Intel HD Graphics 3000:

Device ID: 0x0116

Revision ID: 0x0009

VRAM: 512 MB (because of 8GB RAM).



There are graphical problems: lines and hangs of everything on the screen but the mouse can move. Already found that it doesn't depend on software and if I'm using Snow Leopard, then everything is fine. If I'm using only one bar of 4GB RAM in Lion, then everything is fine, too. These issues are returned only in combination Lion + 8 GB RAM. I'm using the latest version of Chimera. Playing with the key "Graphics Enabler" does not help, but it is not needed because the card identified well without it.


Using the latest beta build of the Lion shows that the same problems remained. I have confidence (perhaps due to the fact that no other versions), the problem is related to the frequency. I have a processor Intel Core-i5 2430m, where the parameter "Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency" is 1.2 GHz. Apple, in turn, uses 2415m and 2435m processors in MBP8,1. They set this parameter to 1.3 GHz. Laptop screen uses LVDS connection type, and here is my connection string from AppleIntelSNBGraphics.kext:

0503 0000 0200 0000 3000 0000

The first option means that it is LVDS, and the other two I do not know. Maybe one of them responsible for the frequency.

Let me remind you that there are no problems in the Snow Leopard. I compared the ioreg of 10.6.8 with 10.7.2. Important difference is "NumFrameBuffer". In 10.7.2 it is "04" in 10.6.8 - "02". Maybe I need to have a closer look for some parameters?

RevoGirl had the similar problem:


The difference is that she corrected the DVI-connector.

0205 0000 0004 0000 0700 0000 to 0205 0000 0004 0000 0850 0000

But what is the 0700, 0850 ... is not clear. I can't ask her, as I can't find her contacts.


Thank you for the attention.

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