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Raspberry Pi

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I have been following an educational project based in England for some time. It is called Raspberry Pi. It is designed as an educational platform for students to begin learning programming. With an RGB or HDMI connected TV, a usb keyboard and mouse, it should be ready to go. It will boot from an SD Memory chip and should be student proof. An extension board called GURT should be available soon that will allow access to breakouts and hardware expansion. It is basically a computer on a chip with a target price of $25! I will attach a photo of the prototype below. The first production run of boards should be available sometime in February, or sooner. They won't last long. There is a large pent up demand.




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    • By shawnanastasio
      Hi all,
      After realizing that Clover doesn't work on AMD Ryzen systems and the only solution is to use a closed-source fork, I set out to implement Ryzen support in Clover myself and share the results.
      The source can be found at https://github.com/shawnanastasio/Clover-Ryzen and I've attached a build to this post.
      I have confirmed that it boots on my Ryzen 7 1800X system, but I have not tried booting macOS yet. If anybody has a Ryzen hackintosh set up, I'd love to hear if it works for you. To try it out, just replace your current BOOT/BOOTX64.efi and CLOVER/CLOVERX64.efi with the attached build.
      Feedback is welcome!
      Update 7/1/17: Add support for fractional multipliers (like 39.5). Link to download.
      Old Downloads:
      Update 6/30/17: Fix max/min ratio detection as well as FSB detection. Link to download.
      Update 6/29/17: Add automatic CPU max/min ratio detection. Should resolve clock speed issues. Link to download.
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      non voglio spaventare nessuno mà....
      Che ne pensate di questa notizia?
    • By Allan

      Hello guys!
      Apple has released the open source Darwin code of macOS Sierra.
      You can download your stuff in this new (updated) Apple address:
      Apple Open Source Enjoy!  
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    • By Allan
      Hello guys!
      Apple has released the open source Darwin code of macOS Sierra.
      You can download your stuff in this new (updated) Apple address:
      Apple Open Source

    • By Allan

      Apple launched the XNU source code of OS X 10.11 webpage, where it also provides downloads to open source code for current and past releases of its developer tools, iOS, and OS X Server, with downloads of the OS X 10.11 source code for developers.
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