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AtherosController.cpp:962 load failed after combo upgrade (no wi-fi hardware found)

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I just updated to 10.7.3 (Build 11D46) and get the following message upon boot:



Jan 23 05:31:14 localhost kernel[0]: start [/sourceCache/AirPortDriverAtheros9380/AirPortDriverAtheros9380-430.14.9/src/common/lmac/ath_dev/darwin/AtherosController.cpp:962] load failed


I can't access Wi-fi now (no hardware found).


Anyone got this message and fixed it? (I've seen it's not a specifc message to this version). I also got a kext error message after installation, I think it was related to not being able to load Apple16X50 IIRC (but I think this shouldn't be related to this error message).

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i think it has to do with PCMCIA driver for 0x24 . PCMCIA cardbus isnt pci.


best bet is to change card for a newer AR5B91 .. i had same error in 10.6.x with 0x24 ar5008x

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Thanks LatinMcG


I'll try getting another wireless card for my laptop. It seems strange, as the card was taken out of an Apple device and it was working perfectly with Lion out of the box.

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i had same issue with the real apple card. in my dell. ended up getting AR5B91 and never had a problem after.


but i read somewhere the airport driver for PCMCIA did this problem. (tries to take over for atheros older cards)


the Apple16X50 is the COM port in bios is enabled.. disable it . same with LPT

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I've had the same problem. I had to use IO80211Family.kext of 10.7.2. Strange thing is that when I get that message, it breaks bluetooth, firewire and obviously wifi. On console, it also says something about PCI Open Failed. The above-mentioned workaround fixes all of them. I'll try again when I re-download Lion from the App Store.

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ahh 9380 not 9280 ..newer atheros card. nevermind on pcmcia i confused issue with older card.

I have a 9280 and 9380 is what appears on Console when I get that error.

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I had a same problem..

To solve this problem, Open an info.plist file which is located in the AirportAtheros40.kext > Contents

and delete 2 line





p.s AirportAtheros40.kext is located in the IO80211Family.kext > Contents > Plugins.

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