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Lion post-installation issue


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Everything was working fine on my mac untill yesterday when Finder was having some problems. I opened a folder and it was lagging a bit. Then when i shutdown the mac it looked as if the folder that i opened before was crashing..I couldnt close it so i force quit Finder...Then today i started it and gave me kernel panic. I can get in in safe mode but thats it. This is the error it gives me.



After that i booted with -x -v and from then on i would see this error:





Please advise on how to proceed.


ps: Using iatkos Lion v2

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Thanks for the help.

This is the SS with my skge.text





And this the screenshot when i tried wit another kext i found on the net






Btw deleting the kext all together allowed me to get in but i have no net after that..And that happened only once....after that kernel panics again with finder error

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