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[RM + SPED] Smembro PC Sandy Bridge

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salve a tutti, apro un nuovo topic di vendita poichè il precedente riguardava il pc interamente, a questo punto ho deciso di venderlo smembrato:

tutti i componenti hanno la loro scatola e garanzia, sono stati tutti (ad eccezione della scheda wi-fi e del masterizzatore) comprati a inizio dicembre 2011.

Elencherò qui sotto ogni singolo componente con accanto il prezzo di vendita:

Apertura facile con 4 rotelle

Ventilazione :

1x 120mm vento 3 pin silenzioso anteriore

1x 80mm vento 4 pin a LED blu silenzioso laterale

1x 120/90mm ventola posteriore (opzione)

Uscita anteriore : 2 x USB2.0 + 2 x HD Audio + 1 x eSATA

Dimensioni: 498 x 450 x 222 mm

ATX Connector1

EPS Connector1

PCI-E Connector2

Pin Peripheral Connector4

SATA Connector6

Floppy Connector1

numero di serie: F3-10666CL9D-8GBSR


8 GB (4 GB x2)

Velocità DDR3-1333 (PC3 10666)

Tensione di prova 1,5 Volt

Altezza 42 mm / 1,65 pollici

Iscritti / Unbuffered Unbuffered

Controllo degli errori Non-ECC

Tipo 240-pin DIMM

Garanzia Vita

perfettamente funzionate con mac, basta installare qualche kext da multibeaste basta

Output 1 x Dual-Link DVI

1 x HDMI (with 3D)

1 x DisplayPort

1 x Single-Link DVI-D

DisplayPort 1.2

GPU 900 MHz Core Clock

40 nm Chip

1120 x Stream Processors

Memory 1024 MB Size

256 -bit GDDR5

4200 MHz Effective

Dimension 250(L)x115(W)x40(H) mm Size.

Software Driver CD


Accessory DVI to VGA Adapter

6 PIN to 4 PIN Power Cable

compatibile nativamente da lion 10.7.2, la scheda video ha circa 1 settimana di vita, comprata il 13/01/2012


Standards • IEEE 802.11n

• IEEE 802.11g

Interface • x1 PCI Express (PCIe)

Wireless Frequency Range • 2.4GHz to 2.4835GHz

Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA, WPA2)

compatibile nativamente con mac

LG GBC-H20N Blu-ray BD-ROM/8x DVD RW DL SATA Drive General Features: Black bezel 4 MB buffer

SATA interface LED indicator Stop/Eject button Emergency eject hole

BD-ROM: 215.79 Mbits/s (6x) max. DVD-ROM: 22.16 Mbytes/s (16x) max.

CD-ROM: 6000 Kbytes/s (40x) max.

Average Access Time: BD-ROM: 180 ms; DVD-ROM: 160 ms; DVD-RAM: 180 ms; CD-ROM: 150 ms

  • Bluetooth: usb bluetooth

la regalo insieme alla scheda madre




Tipologia di pagamento:

  • Paypal
  • Bonifico
  • Contanti in caso di scambio a mano a roma

La spedizione verrà effettuata con

Spedireweb al costo di 6,98 €. Se volete il servizio in contrassegno dovete aggiungere 6,50 €.

Per mettervi in coda sapete come fare

I prodotti sono in vendita su altri canali

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Scheda madre gA-z68x-ud3h-b3 ora a 90€,

RAM 8gb gskill sniper ora a 30€

Masterizzatore bluray ora a 30€

Alimentatore corsair cx600 v2 ora a 50€

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Processore e ram arrivati, vi sto scrivendo grazie ad essi ;)


spedizione lunga per via del corriere...per il resto tutto ok

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ancora rimanenti:

alimentatore corsair 600w v2 (45€)

scheda madre ga-z68-x-ud3h-b3 (90€)

8gb ram ddr gskill sniper (30€)

masterizatore bluray (30€)

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La scheda la prendo io!!! Ma aspetta a spedirmela che se riesco prendo pure ali e RAM! Mandami dati per poter pagare!

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La scheda la prendo io!!! Ma aspetta a spedirmela che se riesco prendo pure ali e RAM! Mandami dati per poter pagare!

Errore mio scusa resta a 90

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Caro Giacomo,

una sola parola: SPETTACOLO!


Il masterizzatore è arrivato, impacchettato a dovere, tenuto molto bene e la spedizione velocissima.


Per cui, come un bambino, aspetterò l'arrivo della sera per montarlo nel mio bel server, per poi (finalmente) poter rippare un po' di blu-ray che non aspettano altro.


Buona giornata e grazie mille



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Ciao, scusa per il ritardo ma non trovavo più il messaggio. Comunque la RAM è ancora disponibile, oltre 30€ compresa spedizione non posso scendere mi dispiace...

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    • By RougeOne
      Budget Workstation MacOS 10.14.1 build: z370 AORUS Gaming 5 - i5-8600K - RX 580 - UHD 630
      flawless iGPU/dGPU integration, fast FCPX editing/rendering, great overall performance for ~$1200 / ~£1000
      Update: updated WhateverGreen and Lilu, then updated OS to 10.14.3 and everything is fine! Even iMessage, which previously I hadn't been able to make work, is now working - possibly the update flushed the NVRAM?
      I'm gonna come straight out and admit it - I used newb tools which are considered taboo on InsanelyMac, and so this isn't so much an installation guide as it is a green flag to anyone considering the same hardware. My first and previous Hackintosh project was just over ten years ago and this site was massively helpful, so this is my (very small) way of giving back.
      CPU: Intel i5-8600K 3.6GHz hexacore (contains UHD 630 iGPU)
      CPU Cooler: be quiet! Pure Rock Slim (no paste needed, and fan facing front)
      Mobo: GIGABYTE z370 AORUS Gaming 5 (WIFI)
      RAM: 1x 8GB CORSAIR Vengeance LPX C16 2666MHz (in first slot)
      GFX Card: Sapphire RX 580 NITRO+ SE
      SATA: used ports 0, 1, 3, 5 (HDD problems when connected to port 4)
      HDD: generic
      DVD Drive: generic
      PSU: EVGA 500W Semi Modular (but you should get 650W!)
      Case: CoolerMaster CM590 III
      Fans: 2x stock case fans (one sucky on front, one blowy on back), 3x be quiet! BL046 120mm fans (two blowy on top, one sucky on front). Airflow near-perfectly balanced.
      With the Clover configuration, you want to pay close attention to all things relating to graphics. There are some specific settings for ACPI, Boot, Devices and Graphics which should be copied exactly in order to get the iGPU and dGPU to work in perfect harmony. For instance, make sure you use ig-platform-id 59120003 rather than 59120000 if you want FCPX to be usable. With the right settings, FCPX will not only run, but run flawlessly.
      I was not able to figure out how to make NVRAM/PRAM behave itself, and I got errors when I tried to issue relevant commands. As a result, I could not at first get iMessage to work properly. It worked once on my first installation attempt but not from subsequent attempts. This Clover configuration therefore has no consideration whatsoever toward iMessage reliability - however, iMessage ended up working somehow, anyway - I noticed it after I'd updated to 10.14.3 but this may just have been coincidence.
      Onboard WiFi does not work. There is no driver for it. I'm using wired ethernet to a bridge router as it was cheaper than getting a compatible PCI card.
      Audio is working well after I installed the z370 audio patch, then the ALC1220 codecs, then AppleALC.
      With kexts for generic 3rd party SATA and generic 3rd party eSATA, my HDDs and DVD drive work perfectly well.
      Sleep/Wake functions run perfectly. iCloud functions run perfectly. Shutdown leaves the mobo LEDs on, annoyingly.
      My USB 3 ports seem to suffer from low power output, and I don't know why.
      Overall, this system appears to run about as well under MacOS 10.14 Mojave as it does under Windows 7. I would solidly recommend this build to anyone looking to build a computer for workstation purposes, on a budget.
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      - HDMI Audio not working
      - the screen turns black after sleep
      - boot takes more then a minute
      can anybody help me?
      folder with SendMe, Clover and IOREG: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xPTVrHVL4Z_Dh3oeDMpQ7EQKHsigBWC2?usp=sharing
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      Ciao, come da titolo cerco un i5-4690k, se funzionante è meglio!
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      I need the following specs, 6th or 5th gen i5/core M 8gb ram, and full HD screen at a minimum (photoshop and illustrator are my living) a working trackpad (I see a lot of laptops have issues here) and swappable or compatible wi-fi.. i don't mind switching a card out or inserting a new one into a m.2 slot, but don't want a external inelegant dongle solution. and something that isn't a house brick. so slimmer the better. the budget isn't huge.. hence looking in sales for a last gen model. something between $400 to $800 max. 
      I am comfortable with fiddling with bios settings, editing kext's, running scripts etc, but the results have to be stable, and the machine useable day to day.It will be a second machine as I have a very stable skylake desktop I built around 10 months ago.
      I have done a lot of reading on various hackintoshing sites, but a lot of the info is for older laptops that are not currently available new, or they seem to have major issues with soldered in wi-fi, and wonky trackpads. and as my time is running short, I figured it be easier to just ask what currently works and can be purchased. so if you can provide a make and model number and any changes that need to be done to get sierra installed. and if you have a link to a big retailer.. even better.
      I hope someone can help.