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Hi all

Sorry for what might seem like a very n00bish question - I rarely ask for help in forums as I normally manage to find answers by searching Google but with what seems like a simple problem, I can't figure out how to do it!


I have installed OSX Snow Leopard from a USB memory stick on a hackintosh. Managed to get sound working, WiFi etc. All was going well until the OS updated itself (I think it said updating to 10.6.8)


Now upon boot I get a kernel panic. I believe this is caused by 10.6.8 not working with hacked Audio drivers "VoodooHDA(2.7.1)" and the fix involves simply booting the machine in safe mode and removing these drivers.


But how do I boot in to safe mode??? I've tried holding shift. I've tried booting the USB memory stick into the installer and starting Terminal then attempting to set the -x flag but when I restart I still get the kernel panic.


I haven't posted my machine spec as I guess that is immaterial. The USB memory stick consists of a retail copy of Snow Leopard which has been patched with EP45UD3P....


Any help would be greatly appreciated



Mike :)

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I had and I still got a kernal panic... however now I've taken a closer look I believe I'd missed the fact that its a different panic.... so perhaps I was doing the right thing to put it in to safe mode all along :/


Anyway, I've got an hour spare so I'm going to reinstall the OS and let it update before applying any sound drivers, see what results I get from that


Thanks for your reply

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