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Sapphire 6870 on Lion?

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I successfully installed Lion 10.7.2 on my Asus P8H67-V, with Sound and Network working so far (can't be bothered at the moment with Sleep and USB3, first want to get my graphics up and running)


For this build I used iAtkos L2 10.7.2, without selecting anything before installation.


Unfortunately after the install, when I tried to boot, it loaded (showed the Apple logo) and after a while totally went black and stayed that way (screen lost signal). Initially I though there was something wrong with the build, but then realized it could be my graphics card, which indeed was the case. So I removed the Sapphire, started up with success and installed all the drivers etc. When it was time to install my graphics card, I located a 6870 kext on osx86.net (well 4 kexts in one file actually - ATI6000Controller, ATIFramebuffer, ATISupport and ATY_Init). I installed via Kext Wizard and shutdown my mac, plugged in the Sapphire and started-up. Only problem is, black screen again.


I tried: "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" and "PCIRootUID=1", but still no joy.


I saw that all XFX 6870 are supported natively, but currently I have a Sapphire (can't imagine that the two is that much different). Does somebody perhaps have a solution for me or any advice?


I would appreciate it very much :wink2:


Kind Regards

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i have the same card as you (Sapphire Radion HD6870. it works out of the box. i updated my boot loader yesterday to Chamlion1803

but worked before.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd">

<plist version="1.0">




<key>Kernel Flags</key>






above is what i have in my boot plist. I'm running two monitors in the dvi ports. take out the 4 kexts and put your default Ati 6000 kext back repair permissions update boot loader try booting with different frame buffers. type in the boot screen.AtiConfig= (then the frame buffer name)

try these.Pithecia, Bulrushes, Cattail, Hydrilla, Duckweed, Fanwort, Elodea, Kudzu,

Gibba, Lotus, Ipomoea, Muskgrass, Juncus and Osmunda.

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Thanks for the info! I rebuilt my whole pc (needed to for hard drive reasons) and discovered it works out of the box

I'm running my main screen on the top DVI and my other screen on the bottom DVI (dual screen setup)

I have no ATI kexts, clean build at the moment. Currently my second screen doesn't detect any signal, even though I used "Detect Displays" under Preferences > Displays. Can you perhaps explain how do I go about enabling the other DVI port or maybe the HDMI port?


Thanks for the info so far, really appreciate it!


Btw, I'm running Chameleon 2.0.0 RC5

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when i used GraphicsEnabler =yes i got two monitors but i couldn't move my mouse pointer to the right to the other monitor. so i changed it to Graphics Enabler=no. and it worked so then updated to Chameleon 1803. and just didn't check the box for the GE.

My main screen is on the bottom and the others a small 15 inch monitor using a Vga to DVI connector. as its to old and as no dvi

on the top port. not tried dp port or HDMI as not got any monitors that use it but i mite be able to try those the weekend as a friends bringing a new monitor around to me

try swopping them over. and booting with different frambuffers

also updating to Chameleon v2.1svn r 1803 mite help

i can't help you mutch i think I've been lucky with my card

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You are awesome :thumbsup_anim: I tried it with GraphicsEnabler=No, worked like a charm. Is there anyway I can perhaps add this command to boot up (not type it in every time)?



EDIT: I just went to Chameleon in System Preferences and under the "Peripherals" tab, I unticked "Graphics Enabler". Works awesome! Thanks again for all your help!

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ok go to you boot plist with text editor change graphic enabler string from Yes to No.

then try geek bench if your pc crashes reboot .go to system/ library extensions and put. AppleGraphicsPowerManagment kext . in the trash

repair permissions and reboot then try geek bench again

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I tried that, my Geekbench still crashes, but works when GE=Yes. Is there anything else I must do?



UPDATE: I installed ATY_init, but only get one screen (main) with GE=No or GE=Yes.

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@danill2008 As far as I know it's known issue that's been going on I have that issue too with my sapphire 6870 I just use GE=yes for normal boot and GE=no for when I need to run geekbench and a few other seelct apps. Unless you really need to run GB whenever you please I'd suggest that you just flick GE to no if you want to use GB and just leave it as yes by default for your normal boot.


That's my 2 cents.

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For me its the other way around. If I run "GraphicsEnabler=No", both my screens work, but apps crash (like GB). I don't care about using GB, but I do play games like Mafia 2 and that also crashes with "GE=No" and to reboot each time to play a game, can become quite annoying. If I run with GE=Yes, I can play without a hitch, but as mentioned, I only have one screen then (main).


I tried this, but had no luck: http://tonymacx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=45769&hilit=sapphire+6870


Perhaps I should switch one screen to Display Port?



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well in the thread the guy basically manually set his framebuffer to the Bullrushes (dunno if i spelt it right) fb. You could try out different fbs and see which one best suits you personally my 6870 works fine with Duckweed and Gibba although I use Duckweed personally because it sounds beter to me


To see if your fb successfully loaded just pop open terminal and type in

ioreg | grep ATY


with that you'll be able to see which one was loaded. Also if the fb you chose does't seem to give you the outputs you desire you could go and manually hexedit the values as some other users have done to get all outputs working using a given fb.


Good luck.

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Thanks for the info, I have tried almost all framebuffers imaginable and looks like the easiest solution so far, is to get an active Displayport to > DVI or HDMI adapter. So I'm going to give this a try and hope it works.




Btw, Bulrushes made my mouse lag most of the time and still didn't give me both screens. Duckweed does the same, but works perfect otherwise.

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Just to let you know. Today I got the Sapphire Active Display-port to Single-Link DVI Adapter (SKU# 44000-02-40R)


With my system already been booted with GE=Yes (wanted to check something on Geekbench) and with only my main screen running, I plugged in the adapter and immediately my second screen worked without a hassle. I'm very happy!


It really seems that getting an active adapter solves this problem on 6870 for now. Even if it gets corrected, I will always have the adapter for another screen. Already wondering how to get a third screen to work (little greedy of me icon_razz.gif )


So if you are seeking a solution (for now) as to how to get your second screen up and running on a Sapphire 6870 1Gb running Lion 10.7.2, just get an active Display-port adapter. It really isn't a waste, since you might up end up using it again in the future.


Thanks for your all your help TH3L4UAGH1NGM4N, as well as BALDY_MAN !

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No problem always glad to help out :star_sunglasses:


And if you want a third monitor you'll definetly need another active converter and it's as simple as plug and play like you did for the second monitor.

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