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Is it possible to use SMBIOS plist/kext on a real Mac?

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So, my brother just got a new MacBook Pro with Lion on it. For testing purposes, I had him download and install Lion using the Recovery Disk partition onto one of my hard drives. Well, I broke it, and he's not too keen on reinstalling. My question is: right now the only machine I have that can boot Lion is my MacBook. Is there a way to use an SMBIOS plist or kext to trick the installer that (in my case) it is a Mac that came with Lion?

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I'm confused.


"trick the installer that it is a mac that came with lion" what...and why..you just said that your brother's MacBook Pro came with Lion.

If he has downloaded and installed Lion using the recovery partition, why don't you just boot into his recovery partition and use it to reinstall Lion? That's what it's there for. Or you can use your own recovery partition. I guess Installing to his Mac via target disk mode with a Firewire cable should work?

How did you manage to break his installation by using it to install Lion to a different drive?!


Chameleon loads smbios.plist and passes the DMI data on to OS X, you should never attempt to install Chameleon on a Mac.


There's a thread around here somewhere that shows how to edit the installer scripts on install DVDs that are tied to specific Macs and remove the checks. I think I saw it over in the "real" Apple hardware sub forums.

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It will only reinstall Lion if it is his MacBook Pro, not my MacBook. Otherwise it will ask for the Apple ID, which I don't have. I've been looking around, but I believe the hardware check is hardcoded into the Install Mac OS X Lion app. Could be wrong, though...


After he installed it, I was messing with some Rosetta stuff and ruined the filesystem by accident (had to force shut it down; caught it while writing data to the disk). It wasn't the installation; it was me experimenting with it. :P


I was looking into maybe a SMBIOS kext, but I don't know quite how to change the data...

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