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Installing osx

Paul Reed

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im new to macs and was trying to install kalyway 10.5.2 on my second HD (55gb) but wouldnt mind dual booting from my 1tb primary HD.

my problem is that when i get to the install OSX screen after i choose a language im not able to see either HD or partitions just my DVD drive with the kalyway disk in it.


on a side note i also have to disable ACPI in my bios every time i try and boot from the kalyway disk otherwise i dont make it to the installin OSX screen.

its been close to 4 years since i took an electronics class so bare with me. it was my tech in HS.



not so good with software but can work it given enough time.

codng not good PERIOD lol

hardware good

HS degree for electronics (not software side)


specs (that i know off the top of my head)


1tb WD HD (SATA)


Intel core i3 cpu 540 @ 3.07GHz

ATI Radeon HD 5450

450w Powersupply

Old a** built in disk drive

newer external diskdrive (primary use)

55gb SEAGATE (not sata)

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im no longer able to get to the install screen now it just freezes up on my. i have also tried to use iakos snow leopard but cant seem to get to the install screen. i looked up to see what one would work with my MOBO and only found the iakos one but the furthest on ive gotten with is the kalyway. some one please help me get this going.

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Retail 10.6.3 DVD (30 Dollars) with a suitable boot CD (try various, use a CD-RW so you don't have to throw CDs away). Nawcom's ModCD is good.




Use a Mac or working hackintosh to buy Lion from the app store and follow one of the many tutorials available on how to create bootable install media from that.


Distros are not recommended.

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