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[Important] About Quizzes, Getting Help, Users' Profiles

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In order to make the forum more comfortable, improve quality of topics, make life easier for mods and fight spam, we have created a Quiz.

Part 1 must be taken before Just Joined users can post in the New Users Lounge.

We want to know whether you are a human being or a spam bot and if you have the most basic computer knowledge.

Quiz Part 1 is rather easy. You'll be asked 13 questions and you need to answer 10 correctly.

You can take the quiz 3 times a day (every 24 hours), until you pass it.


If you want to write in every section of the forum, you must take Quiz Part 2, which is slightly more difficult.

You'll be asked 20 questions and you need to answer 16 correctly.

You can take the second quiz 2 times a day.


Gone are minimum post counts and moderation preview.


Happy hackintoshing!

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If you have any problems with the quiz or questions (ambiguous, inaccurate, etc.) send either of us a PM and we'll get on it! It's still in early stages and our stats only give us half the picture. Remember to read the questions carefully (and know a little history for some of them), so no an unformatted standard floppy drive does not have a capacity of 1.44MB, the original Apple logo was not a rainbow apple with a bite and IRQ in this case does not stand for 3 words :P.



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If you need help with forum related matters (can't register. Can't login. Can't take the quiz. Problems with fellow users or moderators. Would like to become a mod-please apply only if you feel that you have something of value to offer) and many other issues, I am the right person to get in touch with. I understand perfectly English and Italian. I might understand other languages as well (German, Dutch), but I'd rather not try.


Please do not PM me for OS X installation matters. The proper procedure is: write here in the forum, in the appropriate section.

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Far too often I see users' profiles which have no info other than a nick.

Your gender? Your country? Your age? So when a more senior user deals with you, you are absolutely anonymous, almost a "nobody".

I understand if you want something not to be known (most often it is age, possibly because you are below or above a certain age), but no information at all? Also no avatar, no signature...

Why should people help you if you give the impression that you don't care about our community at all?


Please notice that I am not talking about rules (although I am considering creating one) but about plain common sense: you don't enter a private house where you are a total stranger without saying a word about yourself!


On a side note, before you create your avatar and your signature, please read the rules.

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