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Getting OS X 10.6.8 into an ACER eMachines netbook?


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Hello all and happy New Year! I hope someone can help me with my question(s).


I have been with this problem for the last few hours already. If I have read it right, installing OS X should be pretty much the same for eMachines as it is for Acer Aspire Ones. I'm helping a friend of mine convert his brand new netbook to OS X 10.6.8.


So far the first tutorial I found on the net seemed to have worked, only when I tried to use it, it returned an error of something like "should have 2 cores but only 1 found". I tried looking up that error but was unable to find a solution so I scratched that approach.


The next one I tried is something that involved downloading of Chameleon 2 RC4 I believe? After re-partitioning and restoring, I tried using it but this time, instead of giving off an error, it just plainly wasn't detected by the eMachines netbook as opposed to the previous one that actually got read and loaded the apple logo.


Is there an already-existing tutorial for getting OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.8) to run on an eMachines netbook? If I left out some key information that you may need in helping me with this, please point it out so I can provide more info on it.


Thanks in advance!

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What are the specs?


And check over at http://www.mymacnetbook.com/ if you haven't already.

That website didn't have any info on eMachines (when I searched) but anyway, here's the specs as shown on the BIOS.


CPU Type: Intel® Atom™ CPU N570

CPU Speed: 1.66GHz


HDD Model Name: WDC WD3200BPVT-22JJ5TO

HDD Serial Number: WD-WXL1E71YMVA1


System BIOS Version: V3.16 (DDR3)

VGA BIOS Version: Intel V2001


Product Name: eM355

Manufacturer Name: eMachines

UUID: F61C7E6403CF11E18EC4DC0EA113DA7D


Total Memory: 1024 MB

Video Memory: 8MB


Also if it helps, I manage to get it to boot the OS X installation but it's stuck to the loading area with an error sign above the apple logo. (see image below)



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