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It worked, now it refuses to.


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Hello all,


I have been reading this resource so much and it has been so helpful in getting my OSx86 setup going.


Now, I have a problem. I recently changed from a Toshiba P300-150 to P300-19P.





On the 150 iAtoks v7 worked. I could get it installed after some trial and error but it would work consistently when I needed to install it.

With the 19P I got it working to a familiar stage which was that the display looked more like static from an old TV set. Then I got it working on the next reinstall. So far it was just like the old 150, a bit of trial and error.


At some point during these installations I realised that I had installed on a logical partition so I had to F8 the CD and rd=disk#s# to get it booted.

Then I reinstalled again on an active partition and it has never worked. I have gone between the old partition I used and the new active one so many times but it refuses to work now for some reason.


When I say it does not work:

Installation is fine

Reboot is fine (when on active partition)

But all I get is the Apple logo and the stop sign which I think is Kernal Panic?

I did a -v boot and it stopped at the Firewire not being able to find device memory or something similar. I believe my FW device is an O2 micro of some sort. Win7 doesnt name it. ven_1217 any use?


I just can not figure out why I can not get it installed again.


I was hoping that some guys here could take a look at the above system specs for the 19P and say what I need to select?


I have been days at this. Very frustrating. For my needs I could have lived with the F8 rd=disk#s# method.


I must be one setting in the installation. My BIOS has only has "Compatibility" and "AHCI" as options in a setting. That is the only relavant thing in my BIOS





For the record:

iAtkos S3 fails outright from the DVD. I get a Mac version of blue scree.

iAtkos L2 does not boot into installation from DVD. All I get is the apple logo.


I will get this topic posted now but if the system specs arent enough I will post whats needed up.




Many thanks,


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