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Boot Camp on hackintosh


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First of all I'm not sure if I posted my question in the right place, but here you get my problem.

I got an Apple USB Keyboard with numeric keys, just like this one: http://img.diytrade....del_MB110LL.jpg

only difference is that mine is build to work with Lion.

Now the problem is that I can't get it to work probably in Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 64-bit, so I thought maybe installing Boot Camp could solve the problem, but I can't find Boot Camp 3.0 for download. The second reason that I want to install Boot Camp is that the time in Windows isn't correct. and if I change it the time isn't correct in Mac.

I have tried installing Boot Camp 3.1 for 64-bit Windows, but it says that I have to install Boot Camp 3.0 to install 3.1.

I have found the keyboard driver separately in a thread here at insanelymac, but when trying to install it says that it didn't recognize an apple keyboard.

Does anyone have a solution for correcting the time, and also fixing the apple keyboard in Windows, as I really want to use the function keys in Windows too.

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On Windows, run Regedit and set





Reboot and set the time in Windows.


Your BIOS clock will be "wrong" (it's now UTC - don't adjust it) but time will stay the same between Windows and OS X.


I can't find a Bootcamp installer on the Apple website, only Bootcamp updates. I believe bootcamp is on your retail OS X DVD or App store Lion install package somewhere.


Avoid installing Bootcamp, it installs a ton of {censored} that you don't need. I believe there is a post around here somewhere with details on how to extract and install Apple keyboard/Magic Mouse support only. Of course the next problem is how you would extract and install only the latest keyboard driver from the latest Bootcamp update.

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