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"Hotswap" Front G5 Fans to ATX Conversion


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I have recently been asked a few times how I setup the front cpu fans on my G5 to ATX conversion. Truth be told there isn't really a right way, though there is a wrong way. The wrong way is combining the two ​fan RPM connections together. Here is how I hooked up my fans.


The way I hooked up PC PWM fans:



What you could do for standard 3 wire fans




Original G5 Pinout:




You'll have to do some splicing in with the original fan cables since the pins are not standard. Additionally you'll have to splice the other end of the connection (after the G5 divider connector) to a standard PWM/3pin connector. To get RPM to report to the motherboard you need to hookup a separate 3pin connection after the connection in the G5 divider that will run to the motherboard as a "case fan." Keep in mind that you'll only be reporting back one of the two fans; though they should be at the same speed since they SHOULD be the same make/model and so forth. Any questions please reply and i'll get back to you. Thanks. Dan.


Sorry for the crumby video quality.



**This is done at risk to you and your system. Please be aware that I am not responsible for damage to your hardware."

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I have been looking at this for my New atx G5 butiks as i want my mobo to controll the fans. 

I have a Mobo with 4 pin PWM that Can take max of 1 amp. 

Now i have a question. In the PWM setup 

you have drawed up. What goes to what In the 4 pin connecter on the mobo? 


2x12v —> Fan PWR 

2xGND —> GND

2x Fan controll —> FAN In 

1x Fan RPM —PWM

or do i need to swap fan controll and RPM ? 

Hope it makes sense.. 

the picture is the pin setup on my mobo. 


And is it even possible to run both fans on one 4 pin connector? 



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