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    • By EWaffle
      Hey guys, I have a ridiculously convoluted issue. Take a seat.
      I am trying to use Logic Pro X on a 2012 Mac Mini I have, but I currently have Snow Leopard OS X 10.6.8, and will need to update to Sierra 10.12. However, I realize I need to update to a newer OS such as El Capitan in order to be able to update to Sierra. Except I cannot sign into the App Store. I am greeted with an error message along the lines of "this computer or device cannot be verified." So I did some digging and it seems to be because my Ethernet port and Wifi don't work. I use a USB Wifi adapter to get around this but now it seems like I finally have to fix it for good so I can get into the App Store to get these updates I need.
      In System Preferences > Network, I do not see Ethernet or Wifi listed. Only my USB Wifi Adapter and Firewire. In System Profiler > Hardware > Ethernet Cards, it says, "This computer does not appear to have any PCI Ethernet cards installed."
      I'm pulling my hair out over here to get Logic Pro X on this computer, that's all that I really want, and that's all I want this computer to do. If you can help, God bless your soul.
    • By BauerMac
      I have a bunch of issues installing High Sierra on my new build.
      As far as I can tell the biggest problem is getting the correct MacOs Installer. The ones I have tried either don´t show up in Clover (no Installer icon), or keep looping when booting.

      • I have tried downloading High Sierra via my (El Capitan) MacBook Pro - but App store won´t allow me to download more than the small 19 MB version.
      • I tried signing up to Apple´s Beta program, but no full version of High Sierra is available there either.
      • I have downloaded via some "macOS High Sierra Patcher.dmg" I found - but the installer was corrupt somehow.
      • I downloaded a .dmg file from another source - but that version seems to be completely wrong (says the Installer version is 13.0.63 (1363) but I can´t find any reference for that installer anywhere, so it´s probably fake or corrupted)
      Can anyone help me find a source of an ORIGINAL, working, FULL version of the High Sierra Installer?
      Or perhaps tell me a way to download the full version from App Store?
      Either 10.13.2 or just the first version; 10.13.0

      That would be a HUGE help!
      Thanks a lot in advance
    • By Cappen
      When I start my App Store nothing happens.. Its just gray. Tried to google my problem and looked att som YT videos but I cant find any answer. 
      I run Sierra High 10.13.1
      Tried to reboot computer but nothing new. Just wanted to say that to spare some time for some forum users..
      Regards Marcus

    • By IUTniun
      Download macOS Sierra Final from Mac App Store – Direct Link :  Download macOS Sierra 10.12 Final
      Link 2:           https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/macos-sierra/id1127487414?mt=12
      App store, sign in using your apple ID. (if you've already purchased )Mac OS  Sierra.
      Extract it to a folder, you'll get an executable file : "mas"
      Drag "mas" file to terminal window, then behind it type so it says like this: 
      <yourusername>$ /Users/@@@/Downloads/mas-cli/mas install 1127487414
      Will start downloading latest Sierra (10.12.6)
      just like  using app store.

    • By dadal75
      Come si procede quando app store propone un aggiornamento come da foto allegata?
      Come si procede quando esce una nuova versione di OSX per aggiornare tramite app store?
      Se le procedure sono simili per tutti ( ipotizzo procedura 1 per utenti clover, procedura 2 per utenti chameleon ecc..), si potrebbe creare una guida da inserire nella sezione apposita per futura memoria?
      Grazie a chi mi può aiutare!
      Risolto: è possibile eseguire tutti gli aggiornamenti dall'Apple Store ( Inclusi quelli sulla sicurezza, efi ecc..) tenendo presente che i kext eventualmente caricati in s/l/e vanno ripristinati prima del riavvio ( Fakesmc se non viene ripristinato caos il non riavvio del sistema ).
      Quindi, per chi ha clover
      sincerarsi di avere i kext nella eri/clover/kext/10.xx compreso fakesmc.kext ( non serve ripristinarli perché la partizione è nascosta al sistema e non montata quindi non modificabile )
      oppure nella directory S/L/E , dove serve ripristinarli dopo aggiornamento e prima del riavvio, riparando i permessi dell'intera cartella e ricostruendo la cache dei kext ( potete usare il Kextool.sh creato da me che trovate qui sotto in firma che fa tutto e due le cose in 2 click :-))