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REQUEST: Dual Link DVI for HD3000

Jimbolaia Jones

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HI! I am really unsure how I do this DSDT stuff, tried to figure it out, but I do not understand this. Might be better in two years when I start on bachelor, computer engineer. C++ might help my understanding of DSDT.


Anyhow, info!

Samsung Series 7 Chronos (700Z5A)

Intel Core i7 2.2GHz


Intel HD Graphics 3000

ATI Radeon HD 6750M

Broadcom 43225 (this might be nice to get working, MBP got 43224, must be some way, but I don't know what info you need to fix this :S )


Attached in the ZIP-file: DSDT.aml, DSDT.dsl, Devices.txt (output from DSDTSE Windows Edition, device IDs if needed are found here). Sorry about the name, didn't bother changing it :)





NB! If any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


EDIT: What I really need is DualLink DVI, as I get stretched screen, that is the only thing I have heard causing this problem. I can only guess, and this is my best.

IF you got time and skills, I would love to get my wireless and audio injected if possible (latter is a Realtek 887 or 889, not sure tbh.


EDITEDIT: Removed my Win7 prod key :P


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