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AMD 10.6.8 Programs 'Unexpectedly Quit' {SOLVED - will add guide to correct forum area}

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Hi all


I have an ussue with my Snowleopard install.. The issue comes when trying to install any software and run certain software. I get an error before the program even open sayin that the program has encountered an unexpected error, and I have the option to ignore, report or reopen the program.


I have vanilla 10.6.8 running on my system with graphics working and no bootflags needed to boot, The system is :


Asus m4a89gtd/ usb3 Pro motherboard

Phenom II 965 Black Edition x4 processor

Radeon HD 5670 Graphics

4GB Ram


I installed it using Nawcom's CD and then updated to 10.6.7 and updated the legacy kernel. I then updated to 10.6.8 with no troubles.


I have tried running Marvin's AMD after the 10.6.3 install and then continuing to 10.6.8 but I am unsure of how to use Marvin's AMD correctly and this may be the issue.

I have also tried boot flags Arch=i386 and Maxmem=4096 as they were suggested on forums i researched.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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FIXED!! For all those interested in Running an AMD Phenom II x4 with Snowleopard:


Specs are as above..


-Use nawcoms mod CD with vanilla SL cd to install 10.6.3 (i think)

-Boot from CD and swap OSX CD and select to boot.

-Open 'Disk Utility' and format your HDD to Mac journaled.

-Click next and then select your freshly formatted HDD and then click 'customize'

-Nawcoms mod CD will select all the kexts for you. And in my case it was bang on.

-To get the audio working with the m4a89GTD Pro USB3 I selected appleazalia audio and NOT voodooHDA.

-I unchecked all languages that were not needed and printer drivers. I left ALL other kexts as they come.


-After the installer runs you will need to boot with the Mod CD again and then select Macintosh HD.

*With the Radeon HD 5670 the graphics will not work well. This card is fully supported in 10.6.8*

-Install a boot loader of your choice (Chameleon for example)

-I then used Marvins AMD Utility but I dont believe i used it right and it *MAY NOT BE NEEDED*

-Download the legacy kernel for 10.6.7 and the 10.6.7 update.. Update to 10.6.7 and BEFORE YOU RESTART install the kernel.

*I got a panic when I did this after attemping marvins fix.. it was at the end of the update and I forced reboot and it seems to be fine and still updated*

-Reboot and then download the 10.6.8 legacy kernel dmg. Select software update in the mac menu (I only selected 10.6.8 and then did the rest of the updates after the OS update). Again, before the restart install the 10.6.8 kernel.

-Reboot and enjoy full graphics support (for the Radeon HD 5670) and everything working rediculously fast and well =D


This worked for me after hours and hours of searching (I'd given up on OSX-ing my Phenom pc 6 months ago out of frustration) Hopefully this rough guide will help people in my situation who cant find any info! I couldn't find any information for this system especially with the graphics card. I'll post this into the correct area if i get time..



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I recommend to use Andy's Kernel for 10.6.8.. It works a lot better than nawcom's one, at least for me.

It patches cpuid on the fly =) 8GB ram working and no more graphics glitches with my geforce 210 (zotac)

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