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Help with what DSDT patches to use for Intel DX58so


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I am getting KP with AppleIntelCPUManagement, so I decided to patch my DSDT again, however I am not sure what patches are essential for my motherboard. BTW I read you have to apply all the patches at once to the default, and then compile it again, I only got 2 errors the first time, and none after I added the patch for ALC889A HD Audio, however I am not sure what other patches are needed and if I have to start from scratch, and patch the original DSDT, extracted from Windows, to a new version.


BTW I don't have NullCPUmanagement, anywhere, and for some reason my patched DSDT is not seen, even if it's there in Extra.


I am using the DSDT Editor by El Coniglio


motherboard: Intel DX58SO Extreme Series

cpu:i7 950 3.28 Ghz

graphics: XFX HD6870 1 Gb DDR5

memory: 6Gb Kingston Hyper tri-channel

Hard Disks: 2 2Tb Samsung HD204UI

OSes: 1st HD Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

2nd HD Windows 7 Ultimate x86

Display: Viewsonic VX2431 24" LED monitor

Optical: LG Blu-Ray

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