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A Dutch subforum?

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It seems to me that the majority of topics here are in Dutch.

I know, most Dutch speak fluent English, so they don't really need a Dutch section.

What do you think? Should I create a Dutch subforum?

If the answer is yes, I'll need one or more local mods.

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If you need another mod, i would like to apply, just for this forum.

Seems kind of dead, also stated in the welcome section of that forum. Most of us speak English/German, or at least, we understand it. Personally i think this section is not needed.


I know, replying to an old post...

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Finally someone with whom to share my daunting tasks in the Dutch subforum ;-)




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Oh wait! I'm also a native speaker of "Limburgs", but my Frisian surname might suggest roots elsewhere ;-)

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:lol: by the same token we should start a Welsh and an Irish forum.


Irish language is actually the majority language now in Ireland.


Irish will be the second language to be successfully revived (the other is Hebrew).


I am sure one day the Anglish folk will purify English and remove its foreign borrowings.


Anyways, I am pretty damn wasted right now, so I shall get to the point: it is best to never make assumptions that language families can always overlap. Frisian and Dutch are two different languages. Welsh and Irish are completely different languages.


Like Portuguese and Spanish: they both sound the same, they both look a lot a like, but if you ever called a Spaniard a "Portuguese" you are probably gonna get your ass handed to you.

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