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Toshiba Ultrabook Z835 - help

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EDIT 09-15-2012 - While I had this laptop mostly working... it was a painful process and in the end game it was not nearly the laptop as a MBP (insert model) and I sold if off as a Window 7 machine.


Edit - found the solution to the problem that I described below. The fix is described in this thread"



I have wiped Win-7 off the Ultrabook and have it running Lion 10.7.3. Using a USB dongle for WiFi for now.


...end of edit.



Looking for ideas to resolve black screen upon boot of Lion 10.7.2.


This is on a Toshiba Ultrabook Z835 which runs a i3-2367M with 4GB memory and 128GB SSD. The internal display is 13.3 inch with 1366 x 768 which is bright a clear running Win 7 Home Prem.


The system has a VGA port and HDMI port (both functional in Win 7 as mirrors or extended desktops).


I have an USB external hard disk set up with Lion 10.7.2 to boot to HD3000 (using F12 Key at Power On lets me select the boot to external USB; works well). The system defaults to SATA AHCI mode.


The system boots and instead of going to the Desktop, I get a black screen… the system is up and running, just no internal display.


I do have keyboard and trackpad working along with Ethernet. Major items not working are internal screen, sound and WiFi.


Then if I connect the HDMI port to a HDMI display (or HDMI to DVI adapter to DVI display) the display is good (full acceleration and selectable resolutions). All the while the internal display is black. Or I can boot to the external display and the internal screen is black from the start.


Under Lion the VGA port is always non-op (as is to be expected).


The 10.7.2 HD3000 kexts are version 7.12. I pulled the 7.14 kexts from my wife's new 13" MBA thinking that they might be a solution; but they did no better then the originals.


So I am looking for a plausible solution.



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No I have made no progress on the major problem where the internal screen is not used. I have been looking for possible solutions but have not found a lead to anything. I have thought about opening the system to see what opportunity there is to change the WiFi card and the SSD.


I do see that the SSD has 4 partitions with at least 12GB that could be recovered and put to use in a dual boot set-up.



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So you can report that everything works now except WIFI and for that you use a usb dongle? Everythin else is stable? How about Power Management? How is the CPU Fan running? Noisy? BR derpuma

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