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OS X 10.7.2 on VMWare Workstation 8

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Here are the steps I followed, it was pretty easy:


1) On my MBPro using Fusion (4.1.1, build 536016), I created an OS X 10.7.2 64 bit vm with the InstallESG.dmg file (instructions used http://bit.ly/vRda5q )


2) In Fusion, go to Settings, Hard Disk (SCSI), Advanced Options:

Uncheck "Split into 2GB files"

This can be done before (better) or after you power up the vm. I prefer to have a single .vmdk file


3) Copy the .vmdk file to your Windows machine or NAS etc


4) VMWare Workstation 8: Apply 12/7 Unlocker update from http://bit.ly/upwF6C (I'm using 8.0.1, build 528992) - using this unlocker instructions http://bit.ly/sTxHK2


5) Create new OS X vm using the .vmdk file, Workstation will ask about converting the vmdk to the newer type, I clicked "yes"


6) Start your new vm


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