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OS X CUDA drivers - CUDA 4.1.28 (26.01.) + CUDA-Z tool


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CUDA is gpu computing for Geforce (Nvidia) only and available for OS X, Linux + Win.

Toast 11 (mac) for example uses CUDA(Mac) to speedup h.264 encoding.


http://developer.nvi...oolkit-41#MacOS (10.6.8+ needed)


For Enduser usage you only need the CUDA driver, not the SDK.

Dev driver is named: devdriver_4.1.21_macos.dmg (last was 4.0.50)


To check CUDA on OS X you can use CUDA-Z tool (DL at the end) which shows informations about the CUDA gpu and has small CUDA (VRAM + PCI Transfer speed) benchmark.


Bildschirmfoto 2011-12-06 um 11.31.38.jpg


EDIT: now 4.1.28 available, 26.01.2012


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