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Ruca Nunes

HP Mini 311c and Apple Airport BCM4321 problem.

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I installed Win 7 and OSX Snow on my HP mini 311c.

I bought an Apple Airport BCM4321 an placed it on the full lenght slot on the 311.


The problem is that I cann see it in win and in osx, but:

- in win 7 I have a red croos near it in network adapters

- in osx I cannot activat it


Can someone please tell me what I did wrong and how can I fix this!


I have the same wi-fi card running at 100% on my Asus z53s.

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likely pci bus issues (win7)or driver is wrong one in windows .. bios version might be the trick since it wont work in osx either.


i remember someone in ITaly forum turned off boosted or speed boot in bios and it started working on his netbook.

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